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Who won the 2nd Presidential Debate? (Poll Closed)

  • McCain

  • Obama

  • it was a push

  • David Letterman

Posted 9 years.


  • Shelley - 9 years ago

    John McCain was vindictive and nasty, albeit with a smile. Not traits I'm looking for in POTUS. He mostly lied about Obama's record and his intent, which certainly isn't unusual. But the main thing I took from the debate was that the McCain campaign is running on two levels - one shown in the debate, and the other a vitriolic smear campaign. That suggests some sort of split - ah, maybe schizophrenia!

    Obama/Biden 08!

  • The Pajama Pundit - 9 years ago

    Bo-ring. The only reason that Obama won is because the debate was a push.

    Debate tie = Obama win

    He's the one who has been up in the polls. The win goes to Obama.

    Other than that, the debate was excruciatingly boring. I almost turned the TV off halfway through it....

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