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1. Have you had any responses from insurance that was intended to discourage use of 90837

Posted 5 months.


  • anon - 1 month ago

    while in theory I agree with your opinion - the advice to avoid 90837 just because insurance companies don't like parting with their dollars is wrong, bad for patients, and takes power away from clinicians to make clinically-sound decisions, the fact is that at the moment we, the clinicians, are at their mercy. Who wants to be "scrutinized"? That can cost thousands of dollars in legal and other fees. So while the advice to stay away from things frowned upon by insurance companies is wrong - it is smart. I will certainly follow it. I would do anything to stay under the radar and not get "scrutinized" by an insurance company and its zillions of dollars and carnivorous legal department, even if it meant spending less time with a patient than I think is ideal. Until the APA or other organizations really step up to protect clinicians, or clinicians form some kind of effective union or similar body, the insurance companies have 100% of the power, and we have 0% - that's just the way it is.

  • Dominique Benavidez - 5 months ago

    This has happen on several occasion by at least two insurance companies

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