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What do you think of Leigh Diffey and his accent?

Posted 7 months.


  • LDB - 5 months ago

    This would be like having Bill Elliott announce Formula 1.

  • Ellen - 6 months ago

    I personally don't have an issue with the "accent". I think race fans are used to years of former drivers/crew chiefs whose voices have become an integral part of their race experience. My biggest problem in 2017 is watching 2 hours of commercials (usually at the worst times) and seeing 1 hour of cumulative "race snippets" in between! And the split screen -HA. Put a magnifier on the upper corner and you might see what's happening -- if they aren't focusing on helmet cam worn by the guy running 23rd!!! Our common remark when a commercial break stops is "and now: while you were away....". Quickly losing interest in a sport we were in love with for many, many years.

  • Lynda Steinhauer - 6 months ago

    I really can't accept the Australian accent. Same goes for female commentators who know nothing about the sport

  • Nancy Charles - 7 months ago

    I am not a fan of Steve Letarte either! Not a great crew chief... Not a great announcer either... I wish we could have FOX all season... Get rid of Jeff and Steve and Leigh! Get a little excitement going!!!!!!!!~

  • Kyle - 7 months ago

    I like him I was hoping it was permanent but then I realized F-1 is on summer break... But NBC has to do something Rick Allen Jeff button and Steve latarted have know chemistry. Rick doesn't know the sport Jeff is to short and has know personality and Steve talks way to fast to understand what the hell he is trying to say... I watched the xfinity race Saturday and and those guys where so much better put DJ and Parker and who ever did Saturday race together on Sunday please or make a play for Larry Mac and get him in the NBC booth

  • Gary Mc Diff - 7 months ago

    I am not fond of the announcers but I can't get pass the number of commercials on NBC!! Please give back to Fox!!

  • Paul Newberry - 7 months ago


  • Dennis Scalm - 7 months ago

    I would rather listen to Leigh Diffey having bamboo shoots shoved up his fingernails, while his feet are on fire, than to listen to Rick Allen on his best day. When he has one. When he worked for FS1 doing the Truck and ARCA races, I was working for ARCA. NEVER saw him in the ARCA garage, Phil Parsons would pop in and out from time to time to check on guys, before the track opend for practice, after practice and qualifying. If you listen carefully, going into commercials, he just repeats what someone else says, ina different way whule trying to sound intelligent. NBC Olympics team, KEEP HIM. He sounds good there, beacause he HAS TO DO RESEARCH! He doesn't think he already knows it all. He's Bill Weber 2.0

  • Paul Kern - 7 months ago

    Been watching for 50 years. I'm done now. This man sucks, if you can't fine someone else, them give it back to fox.

  • Daniel - 7 months ago

    This is Nascar not formula 1....sorry take him off air or I am finished with watching Nascar on NBC.

  • Diana Hyslop - 7 months ago

    For those of us no longer able to go to the races in person, it is hard enough to understand the commentators even when we recognize their voice...I love an English dialect, but PLEASE not on commentating.....

  • Don Clarke - 7 months ago

    I like Leigh much better than Rick Allen.
    Rick doesnt know cars or racing to save his butt.
    Have heard Leigh before on Indy and other road course races and he is Great. I love his commentary and the accent is cool.
    Wish NBC would keep him and boot Rick.
    And by the way. I have been a NASCAR fan for over 40 years now.

  • Tom Dardis - 7 months ago

    Happy Monday! What will we be offended by this week? Good Grief! The guy is fine and, to those that actually understand the sport, he does a good job. His enthusiasm is contagious. Give him a break and get a life!!!

  • Timothy Adams - 7 months ago

    Just for the record, Leigh Diffey is an American citizen.

  • Diana - 7 months ago

    I'm so used to Fox handling the races that I twinge every time you guys take over in the season. Give it all back to FOX please and take this guy off the air. Made the race less enjoyable. Guess I'll find another way to watch NASCAR.

  • Tony Bennett - 7 months ago

    I didn't have a huge problem with it until he pronounced America with an "R". I don't live in Americer. From that point on I had a issue. It was more of a distraction

  • willie - 7 months ago

    Send this Diffy guy back to F1 where he belongs. All he is doing is putting another American out of a job. I guess F1 must have fired him. He sure does not belong in NASCAR.

  • Erik Hall - 7 months ago

    Not only have the announcers gotten bad but after 50 years as a NASCAR fan I'm done with all the holy Joe. Owned NASCAR field of deal making Toyotas

  • Bob Gadd - 7 months ago

    Duffy was a bit annoying. Jarrett was a good fit. Kenny Wallace would be a hoot with his personality. Him being a past driver . All aside, turn down your TV and listen to MRN on the radio. they are the best! I always wondered why dad done that, now I know.

  • G. Lee - 7 months ago

    Nothing against the Guy, but I am hard of hearing and trouble understanding him. It took half the race to figure out the new driver running up in the top ten ........Erik Johns.....was Erik Jones. It's OK though, I'm done with Nascar at the end of this season. I like to get something else done on Sunday and with the races starting at 3:00 PM that is impossible. A rain delay and no work on Monday either.

  • Thomas Bastion - 7 months ago

    I think he's doing a great job. Who gives a rip about his accent.

  • Joe Lawson - 7 months ago

    Diffey is doing a great job...he will bring back exictment to NASCAR....Buton and the boys are to boring...I don't like being put to sleep during a NASCAR race.

  • Brandon Plummer - 7 months ago

    Gosh, y'all are savages. I mean yeah he don't have a southern accent. but fresh give him a break. I actually kind of like him

  • Bob - 7 months ago

    Get someone who knows our Southern sport. He is difficult to listen to!

  • Janet Doe - 7 months ago

    His accent is annoying for NASCAR. He would better suited to FormulaOne. Also. due to the 3pm est start times, they are losing more viewers every week. By the time Jr is done racing the end of the year, the crowds will be so small NASCAR will fold. :-(

  • Walter wallace - 7 months ago

    They still need someone else Jeff Burton & Steve La fart they need to go to find some else !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Robert Bochroch - 7 months ago

    I am truly heart sick at the intolerance and racism of my fellow Americans. It's ignorant and repugnant. Diffey is a knowledgeable, awesome Motorsport commentator, but if he's a foreigner, the inbreds will hate him

  • Steve Journey - 7 months ago

    I wish NASCAR would hire the best announcers and call the race no matter what channel the race is on!

  • Beverly Anderson - 7 months ago

    I have been a die hard NASCAR fan for 30 years, but have to turn the TV off when I hear Leigh Duffey voice. He is not a NASCAR fit even if he knows the sport.

  • Sonny Braswell - 7 months ago

    As long as the announcers know the sport and have good English it is O K with me.

  • Jon Minturn - 7 months ago

    I have noting against an announcer with an accent but not for a NASCAR event.

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