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Should Trump fire Steve Bannon?

Posted 11 months.


  • Kenneth Lanford - 11 months ago

    Kat, Mad Dog and McMasters are two different men... Mad Dog is General Mattis.

  • Kat - 11 months ago

    Why would we get rid of Bannon? They would only start attaking the next name in the list! And Barbara, no way should we get rid of Mad Dog McMasters!

  • Pat - 11 months ago

    Liberals are trying every tactic possible to disrupt this presidency. They scream racist at everyone. They want the focus off of an investigation in to Obama and Hillary. The VERY FAKE NEWS has played right along with the liberal scenareo of bashing our president, his cabinet and his family. It won't matter who the president names in any of these positions the press will continue the VERY FAKE NEWS and the stink'n lying democrats will continue to lie....they hate truth because the truth is their enemy.

  • Barbara Moede - 11 months ago

    Why doesn't President fire McMasters?

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