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What do you think about the release of Card Jitsu? (Poll Closed)

  • It's awesome!
    181 votes

  • I like it, but could be a little better
    304 votes

  • I don't really like it
    56 votes


Posted 5 months.


  • SOMEONE - 3 months ago

    1MILLION expired

  • Russian Vesper - 4 months ago

    these are my answers for the card-jitsu quiz

    my club penguin username is: multicolor

    1: card jitsu was originally released in club penguin on November 17, 2008

    2: the sixth ninja belt is the red belt

    3: sensei's penguin color is sensei grey

    4: card jitsu snow was originally released in February 2013

    5: the highest number card you can get is 12

    6: the stone statues resemble puffle

    7: true

    8: 9 belts

    9: grasshopper

    10: number six

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