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Electric cars are officially the future according to the government, but would you buy one? Select the statement that most applies. (Poll Closed)

  • Yes – I already own an electric car.
    29 votes

  • Yes – I don’t have an electric car at present but I would consider buying one in future.
    436 votes

  • No – I don’t own an electric car at present and I have no interest in buying one in future.
    377 votes

  • No – I wouldn’t buy an all-electric car but I do have a hybrid car/ I would buy a hybrid in future.
    157 votes


Posted 5 months.

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  • Andrew townshend - 4 months ago

    i looked at one last yr, it had a range of 34 miles, what possible use is that? i will stick with diesel and kill a few people with my fumes.

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