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Do you support football players who refuse to stand for the national anthem?

Posted 11 months.


  • Chong Lee - 9 months ago

    Too many libtards still don't understand, you have the right to express your opinions. I have every right to not support you.

    1st amendment is a 2way streak you can't just spit at people and expect people not to spit back. It'd called consequences. When liberals learn that they are no longer liberal.

  • Art - 9 months ago

    Like good Nazi folloers I'm not surprised to see this poll. Nationalism is high and what does it say about Tennessee that people are so quickly willing to give up others 1st amendment rights? I suppose it will the your rights taken away next as you sit angrily by and demand that otheres rights are taken away... We have learned nothing fighting Nazi's to give away our freedoms so easily...

  • Debra - 9 months ago

    It saddens me to see so many willing to fight over even the slightest attempts to enforce gun laws yet be so ready and willing to give up their 1st amendment right to free speech. You cannot pick and choose who gets that right in a free country. Once you do, it may your own free speech taken away next.

  • Mike Dixon - 9 months ago

    I turned the tv on yesterday to see the NFL players protesting! I was appalled! I started turning my tv off last year after peckerneck started his stuff! I turned my tv off yesterday. I will no longer watch or support the NFL and their advertisers! Goodbye NFL!

  • David Turner - 9 months ago

    They should all be fined take the fines and help the hurricane people what the players did was terrible discusting

    Fine every one of them they are way overpaid send the money to the hurricane recovery what they did was sick most do not even know why they did this so sad no respect sickening.

  • I. Brown - 9 months ago

    As someone whose great grandfather fought for the North in the Civil War I was proud. Now I have to rethink my feelings. When spoiled rotten millionaires think they should disrespect the thousands of white men who fouight to free their ancestors under that flag I suggest they go to the cemeteries of those white men -- places like Gettysburg, Antietam, Vicksburg, Fredericksburg and Andersonville. Those young white men would have been delighted to live to the age they are even though they never got the chance and none of them was a millionaire or anywhere near close to that. They were dirt poor farmers and laborers. You are a disgrace to their memory if you will not honor what they did for you.

  • hankster627 - 9 months ago

    These thugs should be fired. I'm afraid though, they will be allowed to continue their niggardly ways

  • lance - 10 months ago

    Kaepernick will be the death of the NFL (thank God). What he did was like supporting abortion by disavowing your own mother. Idiocy abound. Don't just ban him from playing because it appears to be unpatriotic, ban him for being an idiot.

  • Me - 10 months ago

    Kim, your comment is the saddest of allow because you seem completely clueless as to what the issue is. What is being protested has no bearing on if this is an appropriate way to protest.

  • Kim - 10 months ago

    Some of these comments are just sad, you people have no clue what these players are even protesting. Educate yourselves, please.

  • Phet - 10 months ago

    Just one thing it all wrong !!! They needed to grow up it don't believe this anthem just get out this country no country will not take them

  • PlD - 10 months ago

    How are they being disrespectful? How do you pray for the dead? How do you pray for peace? Maybe they should move to another free country? Isn't that why people Served? To live in a free country? Ignorance is bliss and there are a whole lot of ignorant simple minded people speaking on something they are very uneducated about. That's why we can't come together because of ignorance. They are not wrong for praying for innocent lives that were lost and for the ones who died serving for freedom and peace. I'm convinced that half this world is mentally sick and can't get out of their own way. They are fighting for a cause that millions died for.

  • Lyric Smith - 10 months ago

    I kneel with Colin Kaepernick!!!

  • Mark - 10 months ago

    I wonder how many will kneel when they're in the last year of their contract. Didn't work out so well for a certain QB.

  • James Statzer - 10 months ago

    Fine them a games pay and sit them on the bench for each time they do it. If they can't show respect for our country's flag or get the hell out. If they was in a nother country they wouldn't be making millions of dollars each year.

  • Jason - 10 months ago

    Do I support their right to do it? Yes, but I also support their right to suffer any consequences of lack of support for their team or product endorsements when those decisions are made by the people spending the money that allows them to make the money they do. Actions have consequences and they must be willing to suffer the consequences good and bad.

  • Roy Moss - 10 months ago

    Maybe these guys should move to another free country. Also have all players in sports to sign waivers for injury compensation.

  • PlD - 10 months ago

    Them Kneeling in prayer to God during the anthem is wrong?? If you were raised in a Christian home you were taught to get on your knees and pray to God. You kneel and bow to royalty. If you can't get out of your simple minded way and realize and try to understand why, then you are the problem. You all should be asking how the 1's who has served and put their lives on line to live and a free country filled with nothing but hate because some can't believe that we all are just flesh! Created by 1 Man! When I pray for the one's that have died for me and my country, the one's I love I kneel before God. If you feel like they are wrong for kneeling during the anthem, praying for the one's who have died for us, and for peace then you are them problem.

  • Janet Butler - 10 months ago

    they need to move to another country if they can't respect our flag and National Anthem.

  • Ned T. - 10 months ago

    Narcissistic, overpaid morons who are nothing but troublemakers. I hate them, and any team that condones this absolute disrespectful stupidity. Not a single dime of mine will be spent on the NFL, or any other sport where this "free speech" is tolerated.

  • Amy - 10 months ago

    It's their right, but it makes me not want to support their team or the NFL.

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