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Will the GOP run a 2020 primary candidate against Trump?

Posted 8 months.


  • Mardy - 7 months ago

    After this country has seen the childish and disasterous behavior of the Democrats I don't think too many people will want a mentally deranged Democrat leading this country, that would be like putting a 5 year old spoiled rotten brat who doesn't get his way and throws temper tantrums leading this country to her death!

  • Daniel Mendez - 7 months ago

    They will, but they'll get nowhere. More waste of we the people's money.

  • Sheilah - 7 months ago

    It would be suicide - we the people know who the Rhinos are and I thinks the rhinos are going to feel the pinch!!!! It isn't President Trump who is the problem!!!!!

  • Shirley Blanchard - 7 months ago

    Yes, sorry to say that the people's vote for a President that can actually help start to turn this country around, doesn't seem to matter. The swamp people hold too many grudges and own interests to help so the gap is getting wider. They'll run a candidate just to get back to their old ways of doing business and accomplishing nothing.

  • Lori L Patterson - 7 months ago

    I believe it depends on how many seats are lost in this next election. I plan to vote for Trump either way!

  • Bridget L Matherne - 7 months ago

    GOP will absolutely run another candidate. Trump has the spine made of steel. God put him on this very Earth to do this very job! He is hated by establishment Republicans and every single Democrat because he blows their narratives out of the water. He can expose them for all the evil that they are.

  • Diane Knepper - 7 months ago

    I believe they will offer up another candidate to run against President Trump. I just hopd that there are enough pro-Trump voters to keep him in office until he gets our country back in at least the shape it was in before Obama almost destroyed it.

  • Brenda Snow - 7 months ago

    I voted no because I believe that as it gets closer the Rinos will see how strong Trumps following of supporters actually is. It will be political suicide for anyone that runs against him or supports someone that runs against him. I think this will be evident after 2018. People that truly support Trump are not going to change their minds no matter what the lying Media is saying. The Democrats have lost all sense of sensibility by supporting Antifa,BLM, illegal immigration over regular hard working people that just wants a better life for their families. People of Faith need to pray for our President and his Administration and our Nation like never before. Through President Trumps tweets and his courage to stand up to the Elites which include the Rinos and Deep State he is opening doors for God to expose the corruption of our government. I hate to say it but I believe that we have just seen a small piece of what has actually been taking place over many years. I just pray that God will keep our President, his family and Administration that is behind him safe to the end.

  • Michael - 7 months ago

    They will try but they will lose

  • vermontwoman - 7 months ago

    It's a crying shame. Most of the GOP has forgot that President Donald Trump got elected by the people, which was his right as a citizen of 40 and older and is a citizen of the U.S. (Constitution). He just happened to have the money to do it and not need them. There just pi---- that he isn't a pick of the GOP and he beat them fair and square. If they don't get there s--- together, they will suffer losses.

  • Gail coelho - 7 months ago

    The Gop has never had his back. I hope his supporters

    have his back on the day.

  • Terry Gupton - 7 months ago

    The lack of support is a dead giveaway that no one wants trump as president, he has very few supporters surrounding him and I don't fully understand it, he's doing a great job considering.

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