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How much did you pay for your stem cell therapy?

Posted 1 year.


  • B Young - 1 month ago

    Had umbilical stem cell injections a week ago, in each knee. I now have more grinding and pain than prior to the injections. Is this the normal course?

  • jos neale - 10 months ago

    I am redy with a firm in Oceanside ca, They are to treat my lower back, hips, and another type ijection in the left foot. I am 75. pls any ideas or coment are appreciated.

    bob Neale

    951) 719 5244

  • D Taylor - 10 months ago

    I had umbilical stem cells done 4 weeks ago for both my knees and my diabetes. My A1C has dropped from 12 down to 5.6 and I no longer have any issues with my knees. The swelling has come down immensely in my knees and I no longer have grinding and pain. I've started to do yoga and water aerobics and I'm so excited for my health! My cost was $3500, I would pay that over and over to have the same relief! I got my umbilical stem cells done from United Wellness in Noblesville IN.
    The phone number for stem cells is 317-565-1450.

  • Frank Joyce - 10 months ago

    Hi Bob Asztalos, I’m curious if you are noticing any improvement now that it has been a little longer since you had the stem cell treatment done? I’m looking into this instead of knee replacement surgery on both knees, but not if the injections do nothing. I appreciate your feedback!

  • Bob Asztalos - 11 months ago

    Had both knees and my back done with umbilical stem cell on the 21st of April.
    No improvement whatsoever !

  • Glenn Antonelli - 1 year ago

    Still not convinced it has worked properly

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