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NASCAR issued a statement condemning racism. It was:

Posted 8 months.


  • Dan T. - 6 months ago

    NASCAR is the least diverse sport in the country. If I were them I would worry about bigger issues like funding, sponsorship, ratings. These are the things that are going to kill the sport we all ❤️ You’re not going to stop the hate it’s the media that fuels it all. Stop watching the news and start tuning in on Sundays???? Stand up for our national anthem????????people forget without our freedom first and foremost there are no rights!!! There are more appropriate times to display a demonstration.

  • James Moore - 7 months ago

    Been to hundreds of races, but want go to one more.white ,black, Mexican, Chinese, Portuguese, Canadian, Cuban , and never have had a problem with racism.nascars next step is to ban the x flag.its heriatge that built the damn company,so someone better realize it before they bankrupt what there fathers built and it becomes history.bad history that will soon be a thing of the past.the people are there for a reason,always have,always will.but keep on and time will pass y'all buy.still good racing at Bowman grey though,heck they must be doing something right Nascar ?

  • James Moore - 7 months ago

    Nascar is so far gone , Jr retiring will be it's on death.a sport that was formed in the South has slowly died.its not about the good old boys anymore, it's about race.step away Nascar from your roots and see how many tickets you sell,I'm out.wood brothers country!!

  • Bob - 7 months ago

    Racism is wrong. But that goes both ways. Act like humans and you will be treated as such. Civil war statues are part of history. That can't be change, right or wrong. It can be used as a learning tool.

  • Jarret deckard - 7 months ago

    Stay out of it cause you can't stop racism and most NASCAR fans are not racist. Most NASCAR fans might trash talk between themselves about drivers they don't like but there nothing racist about that. Also a lot of fans display the rebel flag but yet again that doesn't make them racist. We are just a bunch of redknecks and blue collar people that think it's part of are heritage and if we can't display that NASCAR will lose a lot of fans and if you don't like the flag simple don't look at it. Also one of my favorite drivers is Bubba Wallace who will be a star in the sport someday

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