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Have you attended any of Diana Gabaldon's public appearances?

Posted 3 weeks.


  • Lois A Brown - 3 weeks ago

    I saw her about 3 years ago in Scottsdale AZ loved every word she said

  • Jane Logan - 3 weeks ago

    I saw Diana in Dallas two years ago for the release of MOBY. It was lots of fun.

  • Joy Mylin - 3 weeks ago

    I fell in love with Diana Gabaldon's writing from the first page of Outlander, and I am so excited to meet her next week. I have been listening to The Outlandish Companion because I love to llisten to her talk. About writing, about Jamie and Claire, about anything really . .

  • Takella Green - 3 weeks ago

    I attended an event in Los Angeles. Large crowd! We'd conversed a couple of times over email and she acknowledged me. That was great!!

  • Kristin - 3 weeks ago

    My sister and I met up in Albuquerque a few years ago to see DG talk. My sister came from CO, I came from SC! We heard her talk, got a picture with herself, she signed some of our books, AND my sister got to ask her how the books END (DG says she already has written a final ending!)! It was amazing, and I'd love to see her speak again.

  • Sheri McNeill - 3 weeks ago

    I saw her at the 1995/1996 RT author convention in Baton Rouge and have been a big fan ever since.

  • Jo Anne Hissem - 3 weeks ago

    She has a wonderful speaking voice. Makes audience feel as if she's conversing with "just them". Well worth time & expense. Gracious and pleasant inspite of long lines during book signings.

  • Christina Helms - 3 weeks ago

    So excited I will get to see her in Winston-Salem in 9/10! She fascinates me and I'm eager to learn more about her writing process, research methods, etc.

  • Michael Kramer - 3 weeks ago

    Saw Diana at the Univ of AZ in March of 2013, she talked about writing in general...or at least tried to. It seems the focus of those gathered turned more to her own books and the possibility of a movie. It was a thrill to be in her presence.

  • Helen Bullard - 3 weeks ago

    I flew to Davenport/Moline for the 'Thru The Stones' convention. It was awesome. I was so excited to see, hear and talk with Herself. Icing on the cake - Graham McTavish was also part of the panel. Debbie Ford had everything organized where you did not have to stand in long lines. Best venue ever... I live in Arkansas and I sure do wish some one would have her appear closer. Thanks Karen for all you do. Helen

  • Cindy Guida - 3 weeks ago

    Have Tickets to go to the upcoming one in Winston-Salem next week-end....but since I live on the Coast -- I may have to forgo this much looked forward to (and first time ever!) due to Tropical Storm or Hurricane. Got to stay with the Pets and House (in that order) since I am right on the water. Lots of work to do to get ready for these kind of storms. Been looking forward to seeing DG for soooo Long!

  • Karen Ladd - 3 weeks ago

    My husband and I flew from Texas to Portland just to see her. He's a keeper!!

  • Linda Smith - 3 weeks ago

    At an Anderson's book store reading and signing event in Naperville Il. Diana was wonderful! Funny and gracious and friendly!

  • Karen Diaz - 3 weeks ago

    I saw her at a book signing in Jacksonville for ABOSAA, and at Haslam's bookstore in 2012 (or 2013, can't remember exactly). She was a delight both times. :)

  • Clara Josie Cordero - 3 weeks ago

    Diana Gabaldon has inspired me to learn a whole new world filled with adventure, knowledge and friends! Looking forward to meeting her once more!

  • Amy Leigh Martin - 3 weeks ago

    Diana Gabaldon is my favorite author ever. Her writing is so delightfully nuanced. I'm hoping to see her in the near future.

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