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Has a lack of interoperability ever hindered you or a loved one’s ability to receive healthcare services in the midst of or after a natural disaster? (Poll Closed)

  • Yes
    21 votes

  • No
    137 votes

  • Slightly
    6 votes


Posted 10 months.


  • Poll should be tweaked slightly - 9 months ago

    This is a great question, but I think you should have added an N/A option to get more accurate results. The "No" answer could mean TWO things. 1) The user never encountered a data share challenge during a natural disaster, or 2) The user never encountered a natural disaster.

    As a result, I think it would be hard to get any meaningful insight out of the current poll.

  • Deb Odonnell - 9 months ago

    Probably 14 years ago when a hurricane was approaching FL, my daughter who has IIH (idiopathic intracranial hypertension) experienced severe symptoms as the barometric pressure dropped. We went to a hospital that was part of the network I was working for at the time. Her diagnostic and surgical records were in IL. The physician in the ER refused to believe her diagnosis even though she had the shunt and multiple surgical scars. I doubt that information sharing was an option at the time, but if it were, perhaps seeing her records from a major teaching institution would have allowed the Dr to get past his own prejudices and actually treat her.

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