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Where will Matt Duchene start his 2017-18 season?

Posted 9 months.


  • Brian - 9 months ago

    I wouldn't be shocked to see Las Vegas step up if given the chance. There 1st round picks should be fairly high I would think for the next couple of years. Package a couple of good D men along with a 1st and 2nd rounder and who knows........ The Avs have pinned themselves into a corner I think. Give it a try Las Vegas. You never know.

  • Zack Bristow - 9 months ago

    I thought it was just leaf fans that make silly trade proposals (and I am a leafs fan). Honestly I think it's Carolina but for way more than most people would care to mention, your probably looking at Faulk, bean or fleury, a forward (task maybe?) and picks. That is the kind of deal Sakic is looking for.

  • joe becks - 9 months ago

    Trade to Tampa for Stralman and Killorn.

  • Tom Clemens - 9 months ago

    I think Columbus because they seem to have the personnel that is right for the deal . Both sides just need to get r done!!!!!!

  • Ed Toczynski - 9 months ago

    Los Angeles Kings, They could swap Brown and a pick to make this happen

  • Jordan Reynolds - 9 months ago

    Buffalo. For a pick and a prospect

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