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Will you purchase the $1,000 iPhone X when it arrives in stores later this year? (Poll Closed)

  • Yes
    61 votes

  • No
    474 votes


Posted 5 months.


  • Ganay - 5 months ago

    Would have liked a third, Hell No, option...

  • PharmerH - 5 months ago

    I will not get into the android vs. the iOS wars but, the simple fact is my current phone is not ready to be replaced. When that times arrives, Yes, I will seriously consider purchasing it.

  • Pushing the Limits - 5 months ago

    Most phones today, as computers, outdate rapidly. It is typically expected, based upon all of the phone contracts/agreements, that one will update their phone every couple of years. Spending $500 per year for a phone plus the cost of a service plan is getting at the high end for convenience. If one wants to purchase a Cadillac and has the resources then one can afford to make that choice, most of us can't or choose to be a little more fiscally responsible. This pricing will be a real stretch for some who will unfortunately feel they MUST go for it. It is getting out of control, however, if we, as the consumers, continue to fork over these type of dollars, next years version will be even higher. Whatever the market will bear!!

  • Researcher - 5 months ago

    Would be interesting to see the results of this poll if the '$1000' was removed from the question.

  • Technology Fan - 5 months ago

    Why not buy an X (a good reader poll would be to see if your readers pronounce it iPhone 'X' or "Ten')? I purchased a Dell desktop in 1995 for $4,000 which $6,500 in today's dollars. So spending $1,000 for a top-of-the line miniaturized computing device that is lightyears ahead of Windows 95 doesn't seem so unreasonable.

  • Mobile Man - 5 months ago

    I only wish this was the only stupid thing I did/will do with money...

  • Aging Programmer - 5 months ago

    I have had iPhones, but prefer Android, preferably pure Android. Oh, and the price, not even a flagship Android phone is worth that money. Purely a status symbol. (Queue the hate mail, fanboy/girls!)

  • Anne Taylor-Loughran - 5 months ago

    I have nothing i. I plan to buy nothing i. I threw out my 91 year old mother's Mac and got a Chromebook for her so I could help her when she called me for PC advice. Dig my Android phone now x10+ years and weaned on IBM PC in the 80's.

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