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Do you think Sars head Tom Moyane should follow the example of the KPMG CEO and step down, due to his role in the Sars-KPMG scandal?

  • Yes
    506 votes

  • No
    22 votes


Posted 5 months.


  • Simon - 4 months ago

    While I vote yes, I agree with Karabo above. There is a sense in which the question reeks of a rigged poll, given recent media coverage and given the profile of the readers of Polity: mostly taxpayers unhappy with the state of corruption and the affairs of SARS. It is a fruitless exercise in justification of existing judgments and prejudices, and its outcome is meaningless.

  • Karabo - 4 months ago

    So typical that the voting is calling for him to "step down" Where the CEOs of the banks required to "step down" after being found guilt by the CC for collusion (the operative word is a finding of guilty of wrong doing and not trial by media). Honestly the level of double standards in this country is disgusting

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