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How often do you feel forced to drive tired, as a result of hours regs or company/customer pressures, when you otherwise would be resting?

Posted 5 months.


  • Richard Davis - 4 months ago

    This is not a ONE-SIZE-FITS-ALL industry or job. Everyone and every day is different. Things will change when the majority of trucks have these ELDs in them. It won't be for the good, either. Unless a lot more things change with them. Like truck owners and drivers getting paid for every little thing they do. Loading, unloading, waiting between loads, fueling and even sleeping. Yes, sleeping in the bunk, while away from home, was and is part of the job. But, things have changed, as in these ELDs. They will change everything. You hear these pro athletes complaining about being away from their families, staying in 200-300 dollar a night motel rooms, while making millions of dollars. So drivers are away from their families, sleeping in their trucks, let them get paid for that. You think there is no place to park now, just wait. With these ELDs, means more trucks to haul the freight.

  • john keener(loner) - 4 months ago

    i finally was forced to use e logs.i am 61 and have been driving since i was 19.i thought i had seen it all till now.i run at night from charlotte to charleston and return within 100 miles of charlotte.igo to bed between 10 am and 2pm so i canadjust my elog for next day delivery time.which means i plan to leave between 12am or 2 am while i am asleep i get my dispatch for next day for 2pm.understand now i have been asleep 10 hours and now i have to stay off duty for 4 to 6 more hours before i can log in and go to work so i dont go over 14 hours.4 to 6 hours just twiddling my thumbs then about 6 hours into my shift i am sleepy but cant stop and nap or i will be late.i always wondered why i see drivers pull into a truck stop running 45 mph slam on brakes back into a spot and sit for 30 minutes and leave .it is that stupid rule 30 minute break mandatory before 8 hours!never mind they were stuck in a traffick jam or construction or any of the other condititions that we all know can happen.i am human not a machine.eld should be scapped along with hos and maybe get opinions of the people who actually drive the trucks.but maybe the self driving trucks will be saferha ha i hope i dont live long enough to see the rise of the machines!loner

  • Brian Crawford - 4 months ago

    I find it strange I've been on ELog for 6.5 yrs with 2 companies 1) Doing lol from Toronto On to the USA and had no problem once the dispatch was put in there place / and I'm now doing Produce Toronto from the USA dry freight out again dispatch has to be told what I can and can't do once that is clear I've had no problem

  • Eugene Mueller - 5 months ago

    I feel that the 14 rule has or will cause more accidents due to be pushed by a clock in which case everyone internal body is different then the older days where you could run 5 hours and nap if you felt tired and you could park be safe knowing no one would get hurt but now the clock dictates your day. So now I see more tired driving unsafe cause their forced to push the limits of their bodies .The 11 hour rule is nice but get rid of the 14 hour. Rule should just state at least 8 hour sleeper berth before moving again. Split sleeper berth worked great in the past. I feel alot of drivers would agree on that compared to the way it is now

  • Matt Cox - 5 months ago

    The 30 minute rule changed everything for me. I can not stop for restroom breaks (7-10 minutes) when running with an e-log. Gotta hold it for at least 4 hours. With the 14hr rule I can't take a nap when needed. At the end of the day I am racing the 14 hour clock which is very much unsafe. Guys running for the big carriers that are speed limited are racing thru truck stops,construction zones and speeding thru City streets to try to get their loads to the customer on time. Add in traffic delays and what we got is a bunch of frustrated, tired,worried drivers that aren't making enough money for their families. And all thes one size rules are for the Safety of the motoring public???? I think not

  • Jerry - 5 months ago

    I am regularly using entire 14 and bumping against one of my clocks. It is not HOS it is poor scheduling by company or their customers who really don't care.

  • Steve - 5 months ago

    Feel like I'm constantly racing against the 14 hr rule. These laws have not made me a safer driver. I think I was a safer driver back in the old days when I could drive when I felt like it. Pretty soon, the FMCSA will mandating potty breaks. It's getting ridiculous.

  • Kat - 5 months ago

    It's the hours of service. I work for a great company and if I tell them no, they're cool with that. But I need a paycheck too! The 14 needs to go - as does that stupid 30 minute break!

  • Leonard Fearson - 5 months ago

    When my 10 up I have to go no matter what. If I don't I get a phone call wanting to know why I'm not moving. It doesn't matter what time of day or night it is. One week I'm driving days the next week I'm driving nights. I never know what time of day it is anymore. Race against the clock.

  • Richard W. Heisel - 5 months ago

    The point of all this is that every drivers body and health differences. Drivers need flexibility to use some common sense to listen how there feeling. The HOS rules are a one size fits all solution dreamed up by political correctness gone mad.

  • Soren - 5 months ago

    Why don't you ask a question like
    How do you think E logs will affect your sleeping patterns. If your a person who works hard for a living doing LTL freight how do you think E logs will affect you?
    Overdrive, Big business Magazine

  • Jacob Iceman - 5 months ago

    Elogs keep me tired all the time, I shut down when I'm not tired only to have to start in 10 hrs when I won't fall asleep for another 4 or 5 hours. Then when I'm tired I can't stop for a nap without pushing myself on to my 14. It's a constant battle to sleep when the computer tells me I'm supposed to be tired and the 14 keeps me from stopping to rest during my trip.

  • Jason - 5 months ago

    Now that I'm on ELD I feel more rested, paper logs were always push push push

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