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How do you feel about the news that GM corn is common in tortillas?

Posted 5 months.


  • Pamela Vallee - 4 months ago

    It is not so much that the corm is genetically modified. It is that it is genetically modified by Monsanto to contain pesticides. Mexico is very aware of this and forbids GMO corn to be grown here, so yes it should become a part of their NAFTA negotiations.

  • Barbara - 4 months ago

    A few years ago I was so proud of Mexico for banning Monsanto and all of it's GM products. Because of Mexico's rich culture and pride in its food products, they took the courageous move unlike other countries like the U.S. who took the pay-off from Monsanto. Then a few years after that I read in "The Guardian" newspaper that Mexican scientists were finding GM seeds in their farm products. GM said, oh, the seeds flew across the border from the U.S. But for scientists to find so such a high percentage of GM seeds in produce here, those seeds would have had to take jets throughout Mexico. So one has to belief that somehow Monsanto got to certain people, either in the government or on the farms themselves. I have lived in Mexico for 30 years and have sadly noticed that tortillas just don't taste the same, or as good as they used to. I'm no expert but I am not the only one of my Mexican friends who agree with me.

  • Bruce Cameron - 4 months ago

    We have been eating GMO wheat in Canada since Seager Wheeler developed rust resistant seed in the 1930's. In the interim, Canadians are living far longer, in better health.
    Where do the chicken littles get off with their outrageous and scientifically poorly supported claims?
    Tell a whopper often enough and people begin to accept it as truth.....a technique which worked well in Germany in the 30's and 40's.

  • Linda Mandala - 4 months ago

    Everyone in Mexico who Knows (most do not unfotunately) that the corn is GMO needs to try to get the word out to neighbors, friends and family, and EVERYONE NEEDS TO STOP BUYING IT....YES....STOP BUYING TORTILLAS AND DEMAND NON GMO TORTILLAS.!!!!! If we do not ....and we just keep on buying it...oh well...its GMO but we can't help it or do anything.....this is not true....we just must stop buying it...stop using it, and demand NON GMO....then vendors will find it and begin using it. voting with our money is the only thing these big multinationals understand. by the way. there are also gmo papayas, pineapples, cucumbers, and many other vegetables....and those that are not...are all sprayed with poison. Wheat is sprayed with Glyphosate as a desicant before everyone is also eating poison on nearly all the food in Mexico and it shows in everyones obesity and diabetes, and cancer as well. People used to grow their own food and we can do it again!!! grow on the flat rooftops, on balcones, patios...wherever...just get started and grow your own food.

  • dr Ditoh - 4 months ago

    Go to GMOSREVEALED.COM Videos on the research are the best I have seen

  • Bliss Wilson - 4 months ago

    Shocking %. Three hundred varieties of native corn evolved over thousands of years. They do not need expensive fertilizer and they are adapted to grow at certain altitudes and seasons. Poor farmers cannot afford Monsanto's products and they do not want cross pollination. The hybrid corn does not reseed naturally like the ancient corn does.. Monsanto will occupy a special rung in hell for all tgat it has done worldwide.

  • Diane Dutton - 4 months ago

    Until we get honest authorities that actually care about the welfare of its citizens the situation will just get worse. I live in Yucat√°n and our beautiful cenotes have now all been contaminated by industrial pig farms. It seems that no one notices or cares that half of the population is obese and many others are dying from diabetes. In the 1970s orange juice was on almost every table in this town - that has now been replaced by high fructose soda drinks that now appear to be the national "fruit juice ".

  • Lynn - 4 months ago

    Mexico needs to address this immediately. Failure to do so will result is a sharp increase in illnesses among its population. Feeding your people poisoned food is never a good idea. Humans are not meant to consume pesticides and herbicides. This ingestion will result in multiple illnesses which will impact medical costs and care that Mexico should not have to bear. It is totally unnecessary. Mexico is capable of feeding their population healthy food without Monsanto butting in.

  • Maxine - 4 months ago

    This concerns me greatly but it does not surprise me. I recently read an article that said something like 95% of the world's corn production is from Monsanto genetically modified seeds. At least that is how I read it. Couldn't find the article again but I am sure it'll show up again. Corn & soy being #1 & #2 on the list of GMO products on the planet. If you think about how many mass produced products contain both those ingredients it becomes mind boggling. Not purchasing from commercial tortilla makers won't guarantee that your tortillas were not made from corn grown with GMO seeds. Unfortunately .

  • Kdellio - 4 months ago

    I believe all this GM corn is coming from the US midwest. Demanding it not be GM should be a condition for the NAFTA talks.

  • Bradley - 4 months ago

    We have all been duped by Monsanto that GMO crops are safe. No so!! The research shows otherwise. Any and all gmo modified foodstuffs are critically dangerous to the health of ll of us. Refusing to buy foodstuffs containing gmos is our best avenue to get gmos out of what we eat. Bradley, PhD scientist.

  • Matilda - 4 months ago

    Will not buy from commercial tortilla makers. I live in Ensenada Baja Mx.

  • Carla Hines - 4 months ago

    I'm retired in Mexico and am so sad that GMOs are also in Mexican Corn

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