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Poll: Dear students, with the exam season presently in full swing, what is your preferred mode of transport to get to school on time? (Poll Closed)

  • Anything but the train. Since Mr Brown already declared SMRT as "Sometimes Must Really Tikam Tikam", I wouldn't be so foolish to risk getting stuck in a breakdown or delay.
    32 votes

  • Erm I don't get your question. I live next to my school, so I can simply walk there?
    7 votes

  • As some minister previously said, every school is a good school, likewise every mode of public transport be it taxi, bus or train is a good mode of transport. I am therefore indifferent to the options available.
    17 votes

  • Daddy and Mummy will take turns chauffeuring my extremely precious behind to the front gates every morning.
    19 votes

  • In Uber I trust. Or Grab. Btw do you have a promo code to share?
    9 votes

  • As a seasoned camper who has previously spent nights queueing for both iphones 7 and 8, I shall stay overnight at school the day before a paper is scheduled to happen. Take no chances baby.
    20 votes

  • Honestly haven't been a student for the longest while, just wanted to come in here and say shame on ya KBW and SMRT!
    25 votes

  • Go away. The mere mention of exams is super stressing me out. Think I need to ring up my psychiatrist once more.
    76 votes


Posted 6 months.