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Does Tamworth need a home delivery alcohol service?

  • Yes, it's a great idea.
    120 votes

  • No, we already have enough alcohol problems.
    75 votes

  • Maybe, more info is needed.
    26 votes

  • Other. Please leave comment
    6 votes


Posted 1 year.


  • Jennifer - 1 year ago

    On one hand this would stop people from drink driving, but the people that would use it would more then likely be those that have an alcohol problem perceived or not and they say poker machine gaming is a problem!!!!!

  • headtab - 1 year ago

    yes. might stop ppl from drivin to get more while dui.................. maybe. ppl might be to drunk and delivery driver could be a target............. no... .. bad idea for tamworth. if you cant, dont plan what how much you will consume then you;ll have not thought about your alcohol consumption- limit. also proving i'd even if its a prepaid order etc will bring problems that the police dont need.................. name withheld please

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