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How would you feel if Morena party leader AMLO won next year's presidential election?

Posted 5 months.


  • Terri - 4 months ago

    He is quite corrupt and very power hungry. His far leftist views are IMO disastrous for Mexico. I have noticed he has purchased many, many votes from rural areas in Chiapas and Oaxaca. He could be the downfall of this great country.

  • Shoshanah Naiman - 4 months ago

    I think a leader who leans toward socialism (or the left) would at least try to make some needed changes. Look at the U.S., the improved economy and respect from the rest of the world that we had with Obama. Now look at the U.S. with a a right wing president and Congress. The country is being destroyed in every possible arena, and the world and the majority of citizens hate and fear the U.S. right wing president. If anyone say otherwise, they are ignorant and deluded.

  • Umut Karzai - 4 months ago

    Denis, You are advocating for change without knowing what that change will bring ask the people of the U.S. about HOPE and CHANGE.. We voted for that twice what we got was a doubling of our national debt and disrespect worldwide.. Make sure what your buying, before buying it or you'll really be sorry. Remember here in Mexico once someone is elected president they don't have to face the voters again 6 years and no accountability. Also Denis make work jobs don't take care of long term unemployment education does.

  • Pete L. - 4 months ago

    "Love the first world Mexican people, sadly they are stuck in a third world country because of a fourth world government.." Truer words were never spoken!

  • Ces Michael - 4 months ago

    There is certainly some Chavez, Maduro and maybe even a little Trump about him. Corruption is endemic in Mexico. I don't see AMLO (or any group for that matter) having a plan for changing the cultural acceptance of that way of life. Change will take 2 generations and only a 'saint' can be the catalyst for that kind of change... someone with the integrity and courage of a Gandi or Mandela

  • Douglas - 4 months ago

    Red-baiting Lopez Obrador is not helpful! Might be nice to get a hardworking socialist is office after the corrupt and ineffectual Peña Nieto and the patrician PAN presidents that preceded. Something or somebody needs to challenge the arrogance and impunity of the political class in Mexico. I'd give AMLO a shot. Can't do more damage than most have to the political integrity of the nation.

  • jon - 4 months ago

    @Celso, Denis,
    He is not a good option. There is no accounting for his term in Mexico city where funds were abused, stolen or embezzled. The guy hasn´t worked a day in his life and if you want Mexico to become Venezuela, vote for him. He will give away everything in exchange for support until he finishes with the ones who work and pay taxes and then he will have the pan by the handle like Fidel, Chavez, Ortega and Putin....

    Want Mexico to go commie? Vote Lopez Obrador!

  • Celso Jacquez - 4 months ago

    Morena is the best option for Mexico, a leader that can bring development to our country and he has proven his capacity as mayor of Mexico City.. there will be lies told about him but please inform your self who is saying it and it will be the controlling party that has brought this country to the conditions we now live..Love the first world Mexican people, sadly they are stuck in a third world country because of a fourth world government..

  • Denis - 4 months ago

    I think Morena is what Mexico needs for a real change. AMLO is leading in the polls. He did a lot of good to the city of Mexico when he was the mayor decreasing crime, getting youth involved in cleaning parks, etc.

    He is a Democrat.

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