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#149 Listeners' Choice: (Poll Closed)

  • Gerald’s Game (Netflix)

  • Raw (Netflix)

  • Seoul Station (Shudder)

Posted 9 months.


  • Lars Axelsson, Karlstad - Sweden - 8 months ago

    Gerald's Game is a strong recommendation from me, but I'm worried that a podcast discussion inevitably would end up being one about how not to spoil the movie alltogether. Maybe it doesn't have one big twist, but rather being a story made up by medium sized enjoyable plot revelations from beginning to end.

  • Greg Pandatshang - 8 months ago

    Oh, the mixed feelings. I'm not very far into Gerald's Game yet, so I definitely could change my mind later, but based on what I've seen so far, it is a far inferior film to Raw. I'm just very curious what the wonder twins would say about it. Raw is naturally endowed with a lot of Ideas and Themes, and I kind of have the sense that I can figure it out by myself. Gerald's Game seems more challenging to tease out.

    I mean, I still voted for Raw.

  • Martin Cuevas - 9 months ago


    That movie was so crazy that someone has to talk about it dammit.

  • Taylor cole - 9 months ago

    Raw Raw sis-boom-bah!!!

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