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Did You Enjoy the My Little Pony Movie?

Posted 9 months.


  • NekoTamer - 8 months ago

    I wouldn't say I loved it, and I'm not neutral but I certainly did not dislike it. I overall liked it so I'm going with the loved it option

  • Smithers - 9 months ago

    I haven't seen it yet. It doesn't release in my country until the 20th; so I'm going as soon as I can.

  • Laulau - 9 months ago

    I didn't like it at all. I hated how Applejack got sidelined like always so it was rather depressing to watch than being able to enjoy it. It was a waste of my money and I wish I could afford to sue Hasbro.

  • N A Resar - 9 months ago

    I'd go for thoroughly enjoyed it but not quite loved it.

  • BlueDragonAura - 9 months ago

    I agree that the plot wasn't quite as...tied together as it might have been, and that's Twilight's magical prowess was downplayed a bit too much for my taste. That being said, the characterization of Tempest Storm and Twilight's lie were very much the high reward risks that I feel characterized Season 7 and made it so good. The first relies on a wonderful POV from an antagonist that while inherently self-serving, yet relatable nonetheless. The second illustrates a contentious aspect of serving "the greater good" not before addressed in MLP.

    Overall, I would say I liked the movie despite it's flaws, not because it had none.

  • alanalot - 9 months ago

    I would give it a 6/10 it was good but as a fan I noticed some weird things that seem like they were dumbed down to create tension.
    (like the fact the twilight can teleport all 5 of her friends and her about 50 meters, so jumping onto the airship shouldn't be a problem, or the fact that she can freeze over 10 ponies who are fighting with each other.)
    I do love that they expanded the lore of the MLP universe.
    The pacing is clearly meant for TV.
    The art style created weird looking ponies but AMAZING ENVIRONMENTS!
    Out of all the equestria girls movies I would put this as number 3.

  • lordelliott - 9 months ago

    I voted "Other" because you left out the option that says I enjoyed it! I wouldn't go so far as to say "love" exclamation point, but I did enjoy it.

  • Frith - 9 months ago

    The poll lacks a "I liked" option. I saw it once, I plan to go see it again tomorrow, even though it's an hour's drive away.

  • takuu - 9 months ago

    Seth, you are lazy bastard!!!
    How hard would it be to put ten options from 1 to 10?

  • InfinityDash - 9 months ago

    This poll does not have nearly enough options. I liked the movie quite a bit but wouldn't say I "loved" it. It's a good, fun movie but it definitely has some flaws. But I wouldn't say I'm "neutral" to the movie either, my opinion is much more positive than that. So... my opinion can't be properly reflected in this poll. And it's not like this is a unique opinion. EQD seems to usually do these polls "just for fun," which is fine. But if they were expanded a bit they could provide actual meaningful feedback which I think would be more interesting to read, IMO.

  • Jack - 9 months ago

    Can't watch until the 20th!!! Spoiler avoiding is hard...

  • Katie - 9 months ago

    As an Applejack fan I hated the movie. The show has been really unfair and I hoped the movie would change the problems and continue in season 8. My sister's favorite is Fluttershy and she hated the movie too. We complained to the cinema and got out money back. This is the first time in my life I had to complain and tell them it was a waste of my money, as a major customer they didn't want to lose me so they offered the money back. I'm not going to watch season 8 of MLPFIM and I'm never going to use money on Hasbro products again. I'm done!

  • Joshua Moudy - 9 months ago

    It's a great movie, but has only one or two flaws, let's be honest. Don't lie!

  • Zidders Roofurry - 9 months ago

    Another flawed survey. It needs 'I thought it was good despite having some flaws' and 'I didn't think it was that good overall despite it having its good points'.

  • DON - 9 months ago

    My Little Pony the movie, My Little Pony the breakfast cereal, My Little Pony the lunch box, Spike the Flame Thrower (The kids are going to love this!) Spike was the jealous flame throwing purple grim reaper... Go see it again and again....

  • Bryce Kanyon - 9 months ago

    Granted the movie has it's hiccups. The pacing causes sacrifice for meeting the film's running time as opposed for deeper storytelling and all just to keep the kids glued to the screen (But we all know that when MLP can go deep, they are capable of it). And not to mention that since it's major target audience is kids, of course the story would basically be what can be easy to follow instead of going for a little complexity. Having said that, what saved the experience for me was how beautiful those visuals were as I found it a breath of fresh air to see a Western 2D animated feature after being used to 3D flicks for so long. The characters are still enjoyable to watch (Even though this one moment will throw fans off guard like 'WTF!') and even the new characters got their moments to shine, though three in particular had the most screen time. And the music... Now if you know me (Or not), I am a sucker for musicals. Not only does Ingram do his best to give us some solid tunes to listen to, but it's music featuring a live orchestra thus setting the movie on a different level compared to the series. And because of those aspects, the movie was a fun experience for me and this friend I brought along and in my opinion it's worth a rewatch or two. Now I am looking forward to how those 'React' groups will handle this movie once it hits the Blu Ray.

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