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Study Abroad Photo Contest 2017 (Poll Closed)

Results for this poll have been set to private.
Posted 4 weeks.


  • Wini Horton - 3 weeks ago

    Captures the moment of everyday

  • Kristina - 3 weeks ago

    Awesome photos by Andrew Nguyen's a lot of hard work. Good luck!

  • Alexander Zavala - 3 weeks ago

    Any fun activity involving the sunset and friends is beautiful. I want to go for a bike ride around the park now.

  • Li - 3 weeks ago


  • Ut luong - 3 weeks ago

    Amazing pics :)

  • jules - 3 weeks ago

    so pretty

  • Loui - 3 weeks ago

    Andrew Nguyen's piece is so detailed . Looks like a lot of hard work and thought went into it. Good luck!

  • Aya - 3 weeks ago

    Andrew's Hallstatt is amazing. Looks like something from a fairy tale.

  • Sara - 4 weeks ago

    I loved all the photos and the scenic backdrops were amazing. My heart went to the mountains and the Husky guide to vote on the brightness and appearance of the dog.

  • Bianca - 4 weeks ago

    Beautiful colors

  • Darien Poon - 4 weeks ago

    Very big fan of the breathtaking photos captured by Andrew. It evokes a strong nostalgic fantasy world feeling

  • Simran Giri - 4 weeks ago

    Want to go to Tokyo now

  • skye nikaidoh - 4 weeks ago


  • Nick Yoon - 4 weeks ago

    'Hallstatt' by Andrew Nguyen is TRULY REMARKABLE!

  • akira comia - 4 weeks ago


  • Fuxin Yang - 4 weeks ago

    It is wonderful!

  • Kathy - 4 weeks ago

    All are awesome photos!

  • Mary - 4 weeks ago

    Truly spectacular photos!

  • Robb - 4 weeks ago

    Thanks for sharing these. All amazing in their own way!

  • Emilia - 4 weeks ago

    Awesome photos! I went with the one that made me want to be there most...Hallstatt.

  • Joyce Cleaver - 4 weeks ago

    They are all amazing photos!! The bikes and waterfall were incredible, but I went with Nyhavn Harbor. Great job to everyone - it was really hard to choose!!

  • Rachael - 4 weeks ago

    It was so hard to choose just one, but finally decided on the most colorful and vibrant one, Nyhavn Harbor. The reflections captured in the water were amazing.

  • Kenny - 4 weeks ago

    A difficult picture to take while capturing moving objects (the bikes), and making a new angle at every slides of the picture with the sunset view. You can take this picture anywhere in the world, but you might not have the right timing, prefect order of the bikes, and the beautiful sunset!

  • Karina M. - 4 weeks ago

    The waterfall was notable because its more intimate and captured that particular moment in time. It cannot be redone. The hiking one was also quite personal but I preferred the roughness of the waterfall picture. All the landscape pictures reminded me of the thousands of nature photographs already out there.

  • KK - 4 weeks ago

    All great pics, bike ride is my fav!

  • Boogie - 4 weeks ago

    The bike ride with the sunset.

  • Chrystal - 4 weeks ago

    Agree with others! Hard to choose just one photo from these AMAZING shots.

  • Katelyn ma - 4 weeks ago

    Love the waterfall,

  • Elizabeth - 4 weeks ago

    All of the photos are spectacular! Sooo difficult choosing just one!

  • Maria Saldana-Seibert - 4 weeks ago

    To see students in the pictures is awesome.

  • Craig Farris - 4 weeks ago

    That was hard. They were all so good.

  • margaret behan - 4 weeks ago

    Wonderful photos. Hard to choose one as better than the rest.

  • Erin - 4 weeks ago


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