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Semper Fi Siberian Blog

Posted 5 months.


  • Molly O’Neil - 4 months ago

    I have found your blog very helpful and hope that you are able to continue.
    I can send photos of kitties Fili (I had spelled his name wrong before! I was corrected by my daughter!!) and Nienna.

  • Liz Lock - 4 months ago

    Love the Blog. And the picture of Ratsputin in his harness. Our Oscar also likes going out for walks on his leash. My husband takes him for a walk twice a day, and Oscar meows very loudly until he get's his walk. I will send you a pic of him on his leash later.

  • Sue Zeiler - 4 months ago

    We always enjoy reading your blog posts/emails, and of course we will continue to send pictures of Lulu! We also love seeing photos of the other cats, especially Lulu's littermates! ~ Sue and Mia

  • Amber Doyle - 4 months ago

    I have never commented on the blog, but I do keep it bookmarked and check it out every week. I love seeing all the cat pictures, reading the anecdotes as well as your helpful advice.

    I am happy to send more pictures of Cleo and Russell and of course, I'd love to see them posted.

  • Amy Meyer - 4 months ago

    I enjoy reading your blog and love seeing the pictures of other Siberians. We will send pictures of Laysa, although I,m not one of your better photographers. Laysa can be so funny & I am good at just missing the perfect shot. I also would like to see Raz's collar when he is not wearing it. Laysa has a vest that we use for travel which she absolutely hates!

  • Sandrine - 4 months ago

    I enjoy reading your blog, the pictures being part of a Siberian community. Would like to hear about Raz's collar as Snowball loves to be outside. Will send his third bday picture soon...

  • Vicki - 4 months ago

    I believe I was one of the first to suggest you keep the blog going. My mind has not changed. Please continue with it. I love looking at the photos of all the beautiful cats.

    Please blog and tell us what the results were with your visit to the eye doctor last month.

  • Deb Drissell - 4 months ago

    Love your blog and I always look at the pictures! Of course, you have noticed that I also love to take pictures of Pashka and Katya, so I am happy to share from time to time.

  • Ann Brown - 4 months ago

    Love everything you do, Nancy, especially helping to bring my precious Nikolay into the world. We absolutely adore him, and he has adapted very well to Colorado living! Will look forward to your continuing blogs.

  • Kathy Lincoln - 4 months ago

    Love the picture of Raz. I will send you pics of our "Sly Guy" as he is always fun!
    Kathy, Edward, and Stacey

  • Linda Johnson - 4 months ago

    Nancy - I do hope you will continue your blog. I have always found it very helpful, interesting and fun! I would be more than happy to share pictures and stories about Nadeah! - Linda

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