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Burlington City Council postponed a vote until Nov 6 on BT after a chaotic meeting Monday. What do you think the Council should do? (Poll Closed)

  • Vote for Ting, The high bidder.
    186 votes

  • Vote for Keep BT Local: The cooperative.
    985 votes

  • Mayor Weinberger should veto if KBTL chosen.
    59 votes

  • Mayor Weinberger should veto in any case because the whole thing is a mess.
    11 votes

  • The asset owner of BT Blue Water should refuse to sell to KBTL.
    41 votes

  • Vote for KBTL because when it's gone its gone and suffer what could be at least a Citibank lawsuit and make it work.
    719 votes

  • Other
    19 votes

Posted 5 months.

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  • carole lambert - 4 months ago

    I would like to see Miro resign...he is way too involved with developers and finances and not looking out for the people of burlington.
    Most people I talk to seem to be, like me, very disappointed in our Mayor. I think he will have a big problem getting reelected in this city unless he doesn't have anyone decent running against him.
    I voted for Miro the first time he ran...the last time there was no one decent to vote for. I think nest time I'll write in if I need to.

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