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  • Prince mk

  • Ndk sai Lolo

  • Dj zubbis

Posted 4 months.


  • The truth is Always bitter, this season belongs to Zubbis. It's not a joke but the fact Insha Allah

  • umar musty - 2 months ago

    me truly i don't understand d way dis voting commence sometimes prince mk will lead which if u r leading wt a vote no need of d point 2 reduce again dat goting me confuse nd neavours.

  • BHD sheriff - 3 months ago

    Lol, guys truth never hide!!! Is all lie dt can hide uh all know dt dis belongs to my best actor which is prince mk

  • Aliyu Alex - 3 months ago

    Prince mk is Golden voice and is d Wanner Prince mk is d musical in d nupe world

  • jibril Ahmed - 3 months ago

    I believes Prince m k as already win this election

  • Mohammed m squard - 3 months ago

    i m squard believe in Allah n him love prophet Muhammadu (s a w) d really prince mk will gonna winner white heart d vote

  • Muhammad Ibn Ibrahim - 3 months ago

    M.K my boy al the way

  • Saratu Yahaya Aliyu - 3 months ago

    Prince Mk all d way

  • beeba nas - 3 months ago

    My distinguished gentleman,prince M.K Amazing voice,great performance durin concerts,excellent high-pitched vocal ability....overall a great singer.

  • DjAbdul Tsaragi - 3 months ago

    I like this idea

  • Abubakar Fatima - 3 months ago

    Yesooo zubis keep going on top

  • Hadji bash - 3 months ago

    I believed dj zubys wl carry d day i trust him

  • Hadji bash - 3 months ago

    I believed dj zubys wl carry d day i trust him

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