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What's your status on e-log implementation?

Posted 5 months.


  • Dan - 4 months ago

    I gree with Mike is not going to make it any safer will only make it more worse..its all about true..

  • Joe Reynolds - 4 months ago

    I have been using elogs for 7 days now and if i could be done with trucking i would but i am a young driver trying support my family. Elogs are not safe u have a device telling u when u can sleep and when u can drive u start your 14 u better hammer down because shippers and receiveer will detain u. So when u finally loaded or unloaded u gotta run. There not safe. Safe is letting us do or job. But we vote for people that dont care about us or the well being of other people they just want the money. They say one thing but always do another seems like. Elogs will take away your family time and the enjoyment that trucking brings. Hopefully they will do away will elogs before its to late and the old timers are gone and all we have left is steering wheel drivers because there is more to driving then hanging on to the steering wheel. I hope one day the people we vote for will finally listen to us drivers and do something for us and the trucking industry

  • Jeff grindstaff - 4 months ago

    How are drivers hauling certain comodities such as agricultue at plant & harvest time along with what i recently heard ( not sure if its fact) livestock haulers exempt but others arent no one wants this this mess

  • Kirby Kurth - 4 months ago

    I have driven over one million safe with no crashes I have stoped when sleepy some nights I run to miss downtown Chicago traffic. Now when I load I will have to go down the road if a driver needs a nap he or she will have to keep driving to make to a delivery that is a long way from safe to is all about money and running the little guy out of business. Plus more Money out of my pocket per month to pay for ELDs

  • Lilia C - 4 months ago

    Dear Mike Ammons.You made me cry. This is so true what you said. I am not a truck driver. But I am a wife of truck driver and I know everything what's going on with ELD. Looks like nobody can help you guys. Even the Trump. They never been in your shoes. They don't know how hard you work. Instead to live in your home with your family- you guys live in the truck. No sleep, no right food, no shower. them! I love you guys and admire you. You are a real men!

  • Mike Ammons Sr - 4 months ago

    I might just close my business down and through a lawsuit against these communist fools, the big greedy butthole companies and ata.

    If this is truly about safety then the government should make all these big companies use public insurance companies, but oh wait there isn't no public insurance company out here that will insure these big companies because there safety records are so poor.

    If this eld garbage is truly about safety, then maybe these fools needs to walk around a truckstop parking lot and watch how many drivers are watching tv, playing games, on the computer for 6 to 7 hours before going to sleep for 3 to 4 hours then driving sleeping, the same way at a rest area, maybe they should set and watch these idiots flying through construction zones and parking lots just to try and make up time .

    A lot of these so called drivers are so out of fit and over weight they can't even hardly get in or out of there trucks, look at all the so called drivers that has been caught with drugs and alcohol, but the cdl's were suppose to stop all of that and we have more on the road now than ever before.

    These so called safety regulations isn't about safety, it's about money, greed and control. It's so these big companies can keep control of the freight and starve us little companies out, so we either go out of business or we become there slaves and do as they command us to do, like stay out for months at a time away from our families and they continue to live high on the hog, and we end up losing everything including our families because we have to slave for these big companies for a very little pay check.

    Nothing that the ata, the government, or these big companies has done has made anything safer, only more dangerous. How about ata, the government, and these big companies do something to educate the general public about being safe around commercial trucks, and driving more safer on our highways, we can't drive our trucks and the automobiles to, especially these rv's and buses . The law can be setting in the median watching traffic and see an automobile, rv, or bus cut us off or running at night with there high beams on and they do nothing about, but let us do anything like this and we get fined, we get d.o.t inspected, and possibly end of in jail, so no the eld's aren't going to make the highways any safer, just more dangerous because we are going to be forced to drive tired, speed to get loads picked up or delivered on time so we aren't pentalized and charged outrageous fees along with the outrageous lumper fees, tolls, fuel, services on our trucks, tires, parts and all the other highway robbery that we have to pay including highway use taxes, ucr, personal property taxes, ifta, drug testing, sleep apnea testing, d.o.t physicals, d.o.t inspections, cdl's plus endorsements, and registrations or anything else that I might have forgotten.

    Why is it ok for the automobiles, rv's, the law enforcement / government employee's to be riding down the road texting, talking on the cellphone, playing on the phone, the tablet or computer, reading letters, reading books, putting make up on, shaving, reading the newspaper, or whatever ? But if we get caught doing any of this we get fined, or locked up, or both, or fined and put out of service. An automobile, bus, rv can kill you just as quick as a commercial vehicle.

    Stop all this stupid regulating on us and start spending that money and time on educating the general public, put gadgets in automobiles, buses, rv's, to make them more safety operated, make all phones, computers, tablets non operable while the vehicle is in motion, put a sensor that can't be unhooked with out it making the automobile, bus, rv's keep from starting if the person is sleepy or tired or has been in motion over 11 hours, or if the person is mad or upset. Put sensor's on all vehicles that will not let another vehicle move over in front of another vehicle unless they have 100 fee

  • Mike Ammons Sr - 4 months ago

    I might just close my business down and through a lawsuit against these communist fools, the big greedy butthole companies and ata.

  • Darren Fite - 4 months ago

    I have already sold my equipment, closed my authority to operate, and left the industry, due to this regulation. MC474677

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