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Is MS Dhoni still the right choice for T20s?

Posted 11 months.


  • Himlal - 10 months ago

    You all fool don't be emotional he is fit for ODI's not for T20 that the reality except it if don't just go to hell.

  • Surabh - 10 months ago

    Agreed with Ritesh.
    MSDian by heart , Indian by blood.

  • Ritesh - 10 months ago

    I think Dhoni should be given a NOBLE for his contribution in the cricketing world.
    MSdian forever.
    Dhoni hatesr go DIE.

  • Shyam - 10 months ago

    Seriously! Ku6vi!
    This shows how stupid you MSDians are!
    You guys think whatever other Indian players achieve they owe tat to DHONI! Wow! At least give them some credit for their Hardship and talent.
    Enough of emotional Drama baji in the name of Dhoni.

  • Jhiku - 10 months ago

    Stupid Dhoni hater do you know MSD is better than Kohli & Sachin.
    MSD>Sachin >Kohli>Dravid

  • Jewel Pooja - 10 months ago

    No need to raise a question on MS Dhoni's place in the Indian team, may it be ODI or T20I's until he is fit and in form.
    Still there's nobody who can fit in his boots. His experience of batting in the middle order, captaincy and as a finisher, matters to this Indian team.
    People may have different opinions and are free to speak about it. But the captain, the coach and the administrators know who should be in the team and who should not; and, Dhoni himself can decide how long he can play cricket.

  • vishnu chakravarthy - 10 months ago

    "Dhoni is Always Our Captain" these lines are said by Virat Kohli only..... MSD Always in our hearts... Nobody can Replaces his Place in Team..... First of all change his batting order then he shows his power......
    He is Perfect........

  • Naba Kumar Batabyal - 10 months ago

    No doubt MSD has done a lot for Indian cricket. But I feel he should get retirement now from T20 & even ODI. It is not necessary that MSD should be in playing XI sqad for giving guidance to Kohli for team's success. If so, he should not have got retirement from test cricket.

    As per my choice, young WK like Dinesh Karthik or Wridhiman Saha should take that place immediately looking at the coming world cup team. By that time MSD's performance will get more deteriated resulting MSD may spoil his image in indian cricket.


  • SOURAV DAS - 10 months ago

    without MSD team India will incomplete .There is no one who can fullfill MAHI's place . so ,there is no question on DHONI's performance . MSD IS THE BEST .

  • Chandan Kumar Jha - 10 months ago

    Show Respect to the man. If Dhoni wants he can throw Kohli out of the team. The secret of Kohli's tons is MSD. Dhoni is better batsman than Kohli.

  • Pawan Negi - 10 months ago

    To every Dhoni haters:
    Go F**k your ***.
    F**king Assh*le.
    Even Bumra learnt those Yorkers from Dhoni. And you are asking his ability!!

  • Namit Kumar - 10 months ago

    Give the young players a chance you fool.

  • Tania Agarwal - 10 months ago

    How can you ask this.
    Even Kohli is able to score this 200 because he learnt it from MSD. There may be hundreds more talented player than MsD but do you stupid people forgot his contribution! Don't dare to ask his presence in the team.
    MsDian Rock. MsD rocks.

  • Srinivasa - 10 months ago

    Agree with Ajay.
    Let the young players play. Indian cricket is not someone's father property.

  • Ajay - 10 months ago

    This is Indian Cricket and Indian public. when someone performs they behave like its their success. and when a player underperform the same public throw stones to the players house or talk shit. And when someone is tagged as legend the same public still want that old aged to carry on the game in spite of young talented player with same capability out there. its the same as not recruiting young graduates and rather increasing the retirement age so that the older one can work for few more years increasing the unemployment crysis.
    Sarcasm at its best!

  • mohamed. rifath - 10 months ago

    ms dhoni his her one of the best player in the world

  • swapnil - 10 months ago

    Who are you to ask this type of questions?

  • shyam - 10 months ago

    Besides being a BATSMAN,he is an exceptional WICKET-KEEPER. One will not recognise him as a best wicket-keeper unless he steps down.He is the best wicket-keeper in the world apart from a batsman.Nobody can keep the wickets like MSD...
    He is at the best of his form as a batsman too..

  • sagar - 11 months ago


  • qamar - 11 months ago

    Dhoni Dhoni Dhoni se panga koi na le sabse best Dhoni Dhoni
    Dhoni Cricket me h subse accha uske jaisa koi bhi na khel jitata Dhoni Dhoni
    Dhoni ka dimag chalela tej tej dhoni hi hain subse best Dhoni Dhoni
    Dhoni ki diwani sari duniya duniya Dhoni Dhoni
    Dhoni ko utaro 4 number py fir dekho Dhoni kaise mare chaukay chakkey Dhoni Dhoni

  • Hari - 11 months ago

    MSD NEED....

  • Hari - 11 months ago


  • sanjeev kumar sharma - 11 months ago

    I Think Mahi need to team. But still can hit huge sixes and boundaries to score over 100 strike rate.

  • Sandeep - 11 months ago

    He is the biggest hitter of all time.But he has to go back to his old days of hitting.Now bowlers know his area of hitting,so they will not bowl there.He has to evolve now.Instead of hitting everything down the ground(which he is not able to do nowadays),he has to try to find other hitting areas like inside-out to extra cover,paddle sweep to fast bowlers,coming outside offstump and hit to leg side,etc.

    He has to change himself and be innovative with shots to survive. He has to bat freely and fearlessly.
    We don't want batsman coming at 5-6 to score with 100-105% strike rate.We want strike rate above 150% as he will face only few balls.

    But still I think his time is over.

  • Balaji Tulasidoss - 11 months ago

    This poll is indeed is need of the hour and yes the number of votes as Yes is keep on increasing. There is no second thought of Dhoni's presence in the team and it's very obvious there is no other player ever India had produced with such an instinct and the insight of the situations of the game and what effort is required for each and every game since each game is peculiar and that's only Dhoni knows how to crack it and of course the current captain is in need of MSD's support and guidance and the young chaps who are supposedly replace Dhoni will not have that much of anticipation and stuff of Dhoni behind the stumps.

    I support MSD aka Mahendra Singh Dhoni...

  • utkarsh bhardwaj - 11 months ago

    by default YES no need of such kind of polling ....!!!!

  • Rakesh - 11 months ago

    Dhoni is the one of best player of INDIA . Please dont forgot the past of Dhoni performance he is the legend . Dhoni ur the king of INDIAN Criicket team I LOVE U for ever

  • J. Pereira - 11 months ago

    Dhoni has been a great captain and also played a good part in Indua winning one day ,champion cup, 20-20 and taking india to the number one rank in tests and one days.However, a time comes,when one slows down.Hence ,what past cricketers are saying us correct.He could yet be good enough for the one day in 2019,but better to build someone also.For 20-20 take some else.HOWEVER, no present cricketer will say this and their opinion should not be considered. Also ,only a " strong" Chairman of selectors " ( like Vengarsarkar,Sandeep Patil can take these decisions.I doubt the present committee will do it,as they will be criticised

  • Harry - 11 months ago

    I think he should make way for Rishab Pant

  • Deep - 11 months ago

    He is perfect ODI,T20 cricket.

  • Trinetra Dwivedi - 11 months ago

    he is perfect choice in each and every format of cricket.

  • BASHEER - 11 months ago

    MS need .................................

  • chkumar - 11 months ago

    He must have lost some reflex but still can hit huge sixes and boundaries to score over 100 strike rate.He is still the best choice as there is still no one wicket keeper batsman who can score fast without wasting dot balls.Others are dutiable only as wicket keeper without batting talent. Dhoni will never stand in the way of youngsters.He is one who cares Indian cricket and wants India to stay in the top a true nationalist Indian.

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