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Which Two-Parter Villain Do You Like Best?

Posted 11 months.


  • Thomas Pseudonymous - 10 months ago

    Discord. He actually won. He corrupted the ponies, making the EoH useless. Only his arrogance and chronic self-defeatism caused him to lose in the end. He was also the de facto most powerful being in the show until they nerfed him to so that he didn't solve all the problems instantly after he turned good.

  • Medicine Cat - 10 months ago

    As a grown-up (arguably, anyway) I have to pick Starlight Glimmer, which is wholly apart from my being head over hooves for her. Her Leninist/dystopian cult was just so real-world creepy that any more "fantastical" villain pale by comparison.

  • Calamity Velvet - 10 months ago

    The one that that keeps me from voting Glim Glam is that, while I love her as a villian, I love her much better as a member of the Mane 9. (it took 3 seasons to flip that '6' upside down... mathematically literal and timey wise)

  • Sam - 11 months ago

    nobody likes season 2 anymore and blames "nostalgia effect" for those who still love it. why is Discord so popular when people obsess over Season 5 and 7 so much?

  • Defender t - 11 months ago

    Why is pony of shadows on here?

  • Nebula - 11 months ago

    I find the fact the two shadow villains are at the bottom of the poll funny.

  • Rihorama - 11 months ago

    I picked Sombra because he is the onlyvillain who gave me some serious goosebumps. That was some REAL darkness.

  • Beanzoboy - 11 months ago

    Discord. You know, back when he was a villain and a good character. Not the shitty version they're feeding us.

  • Jimmy Hook - 11 months ago

    By far my favorite Villain, and my 3rd favorite character, in MLP: FIM would be Queen Chrysalis =3

  • Jody Morgan - 11 months ago

    It's a pretty close fight for the number one slot for me, and would be even closer if I only considered Starlight Glimmer's first appearance, but in the end I've got to go with Discord; he didn't represent quite the same level of existential threat that Starlight promised in "The Cutie Map", but he was admittedly more entertaining and threatening, and John DeLancie's acting has been marvelous in his every appearance.

    I'd give honorable mentions to Chrysalis, Nightmare Moon, and Pony of Shadows (in that order), a semi-honorable mention to Tirek, and a not-entirely-dishonorable mention to Sombra.

  • Zidders Roofurry - 11 months ago

    Kinda surprised at the lack of love for Nightmare Moon. Her background and motivation are the best out of all of these plus her alternate history form had a batpony army. Where's her loyal legion? Did they disband her forces or something?

  • Misscellanio - 11 months ago

    Alright, actually just realized that I was only basing this off Discord's first appearance as a villain and Starlight's first appearance and also Chrysalis.
    So in that case I would put
    Starlight above all. Thought I would call more of an antagonist rather than a villain.

  • Misscellanio - 11 months ago

    The way I will vote on this is on how engulfed I was by the villain and their character, not on the overall episode; of course, the "best" villain would have an overall effect on the episode.
    Also some of these villains didn't have much about them.
    I would say Discord, Starlight, and Tirek had the overall more captivating personalities. Discord was hilariously evil/chaotic, Starlight was pleasantly intelligent, and Tirek was menacingly deceitfully evil.
    Hmmm.....I wanna vote for Starlight, but gunna have to give it to Discord

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