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Rap Battle

Posted 1 week.


  • ekeh desxtermix - 3 days ago

    VEC .... any day ..i bet everything on it!

  • Roberts - 4 days ago

    VEC everyday, no too much swag a himself

  • Mayus - 5 days ago

    I know the two, Vector is a natural freestyler but M.I is more of a dope writer so Vec murders him in a rap battle. M.i is a better recording artist though cos of his delivery.

  • Henry adams - 5 days ago

    mr incredible is the man.

  • justeen - 6 days ago

    Have u guys really listen to vector rap,no like honestly have you listened to him rap?,u can't just pitch the guy with any rapper here man.

  • Olapade - 6 days ago

    My vote goes to the V E C de viper

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