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'Dancing With the Stars': Who deserves to win?

Posted 11 months.


  • Gretchen - 10 months ago

    None of you seem to get it that Jordan has only had jazz experience which has nothing to do with ballroom dancing. What little jazz experience he has had does not put him at any advantage at all. They are completely different styles. Jordan is clearly the best dancer and has been at the top way more than Lindsay has. I think that deserves a win to me!

  • Linda K McIver - 10 months ago

    What are the comments about humble pie for Jordon?! He has the a thankful and humble attitude! He's delivering in spite of he scratched cornea. (blinking, red and watery)... that's humbling. I'm with Pamela Jones... I will be in shock if they don't win!

  • Karen Gleeson - 10 months ago

    I think that it is unfair to the other couples that Jordan and Lindsay are the shoe-in couple. He has had much dance training and performance before DWTS. He should not have even been considered for the show. I think that Mark and Lindsey should win the Mirror Ball. They have worked hard and deserve it. Also, Jordan needs to eat a little humble pie.

  • Lourdes - 10 months ago

    Jordan and Lindsay are a shoe in for the win, but I don't think it's fair to the other contestants. Yes, the three finalists are performers, but Jordan has danced professionally which gives him an advantage the others don't have. Is he an amazing dancer? Definitely. Is it fair game? Not in my book, but only the votes will tell at the end.

  • Arlene Arbolario - 10 months ago

    Jordan And Lindsey has been consistently giving the best that they can. They have been on the leader board just about every week. So, yes, I think they will win this one. And besides, Lindsey Arnold is the only pro dancer that has not won a Mirror ball trophy. I wish them all the luck . Will surely be voting for them.

  • Drena St John - 10 months ago

    Having someone who has danced before professionally is not a fair chance to those that haven't danced professionally. If the contest of DWTS is to be equally valued then ALL contestants should rated rather equally from the start and have danced before. The "stars" should begin on equal ground !

  • Beatrice McKay - 10 months ago

    I have followed Dancing with the Stars since it began.....and I know good dancing when I see it, Jordan Fisher and Lindsay Arnold is the winner for this season. Congratulation in advance to them!!!!!!

  • Pamelia Jones - 10 months ago

    Yes Lindsay and Mark are good, but there is no justice if Lindsay and Jordan don't win. Can't even begin to believe this poll!!!

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