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Can this Raiders team still make the playoffs?

Posted 11 months.


  • paul - 11 months ago

    " Way too many excuses from del rio and not enough wins ! and to top it off there are 3 defense coordinators ! del rio , norton and pagano, doesn:"t any one have a clue as to how to fix the problem ,alot of wasted time and money for the fsns thst follow and attend the football games ! WOW ......

  • BlackholeMatt - 11 months ago

    This isnt the same team that looked poised to go deep in the playoffs before Carr broke his leg. This team almost looks as bad as the Browns or Giants right now. Norton's defensive schemes are a joke. Downing offensive calls are questionable to say the least. Even Cares decision making isnt as sharp as it was last season. Jack might need to go! If that happens the Raiders better bring in a very respectable coach to really turn this around! Raider Nation deserves better than this...

  • Trang Pham - 11 months ago

    I agreed with Richard posted, fire Del Rio, Downing and Norton. New coaching staff for 2018-2019.
    Last year Raider top 5 offense, and defense worst 5. Last year Del Rio admitted there was time he took over Defense duty and why he kept Norton and fired Bill Musgave??? All they need is replace Norton with Wade Philip on Defense but no. These 3 want to bond together why don't Raider send them to coach the Brown.

  • richard - 11 months ago

    Fire Del Rio Dowling and Norton Jr

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