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What should Black Friday be Renamed to?

Posted 11 months.


  • AK - 10 months ago

    I think it is alread called JUMA BAZAR in Pakistan!
    why shame to call it JUMA BAZAR rather Black Friday

  • tasneem - 10 months ago

    day must be saturday or thursday but not friday!

  • Asim Javed - 10 months ago

    Sunday is the special day for Christians with respect to religion, Saturday for Jews, and Muslims are blessed with Friday. Black always clicks in mind as something sad or bad. it is a matter of common sense that why not it is black saturday or black sunday ? why it is black friday ?
    Remember there is no coincidence, everything happening is pre planned, every new fashion is exactly opposite to Sunnat of our beloved prophet(PBUH).
    In my view no day is black, everyday is blessed, black is only our mentality who gives such ideas to make blessed days black.

  • Hussain - 10 months ago

    Whats wrong with word black friday. color of Kabbba is Black. whats wrong is the tradition of black friday. i request all brands to follow Islamic tradition and give rebates before eid ul fitar and eid ul zuha, but i know they will not... a sad reality.

  • nouman - 10 months ago

    Why not you simply Call Big Friday Sales .

  • shuja - 10 months ago

    All Fridays are blessed. it should be named something like "try your luck day", as limited stock and extreme demands results in luck only.

  • Zohaib Lodhi - 10 months ago

    Islam may Friday ko sub dino sy zada hamiyat hasal hyy ... wesy too friday kii jakaa koai orr din raktyy bht a6aa otaa but agar friday hee raknaa ta too iss BLACK FRIDAY kay matlab hyy ... BLESSED FRIDAY pir b a6a hyy as compare to BLACK FRIDAY

  • Huzaifa Khan - 10 months ago

    jab FRIDAY kehnay se masla nahi hai to Black FRIDAY kehnay se kya masla hai?

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