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What is your favorite gift from the OUTLANDER books?

Posted 2 weeks.


  • Wendy Sato - 2 weeks ago

    Furgus's last name. It changed his(and his descendants) identity. A belonging. A history, genealogy. His branch now stems from two roots. Rootstock is French and his descendants French and Scottish(three ways, wife,wife is daughter of Jamie and Jaimie's gift of name. In Hawaii there are formal and casual Hanai (adopted).Forever changed.

  • Cara - 2 weeks ago

    I voted for the wedding ring, but I also really liked when Jamie gave Claire the poison ivy bouquet. It was so funny seeing Jamie feel inadequate compared to Roger because he had never given Claire flowers. Ha!

  • Muriel J Moore - 2 weeks ago

    I melted when Jamie have Fergus his name, but then most of what Jamie does melts me. Very hard choice, but bringing Fergus fully into the Clan had deep long term meaning to him!

  • Linda Deatcher - 2 weeks ago

    Actually, it's the words on the pages of the books...the intimaticies between J&C...both spoken and unspoken. The whole story from start to.....eventual finish.

  • Danielle Fraser - 2 weeks ago

    Hard choices. Also loved the vrooms Roger made for the children, but the pearl necklace Jamie gave Claire on their wedding night - has to be number 1.

  • cheryl - 2 weeks ago

    hands down the silver ring - given so early in their relationship, but with such sentiment and depth of feeling. And helps her return to him by being the proof for Roger to believe her story and help her.

  • Lorraine Black - 2 weeks ago

    They were all great gifts and I could add the boar tusks Murtagh gave Ellen and the original gift of the freshwater pearls given by Marcus MacRannoch to Ellen. What a popular gal! But ultimately what melts my heart every time is reading about Jamie stopping Claire's rant to give her that beautiful ring and later her discovering the romantic inscription. Sigh...

  • Victoria Mintz - 2 weeks ago

    They were all great choices. Hard to decide.

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