It says to offer a short bio here. Once I had some yellow shorts. I was in 7th grade. They were kind of baggy. There. There's your short bio.

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Should I get...

Posted 5 months.


  • muffin top - 4 months ago

    Shit, I keep forgetting I'm not 47 yet. Though I will be next week, so I'll hang onto 46 with my bony cold fingers as long as I can.

  • muffin top - 4 months ago

    I wanted to clarify my comment....I've never been crazy about my own nose. Never. However, after 47 years, I'm used to it and it's a "family" nose if that makes sense. If I had the money today, I wouldn't change it.

    Also, think about Jennifer Grey. (Who doesn't have a career now??)

  • Vela Lugosi - 4 months ago

    Good lord, all these self-righteous and insipid comments about not getting a new nose. Ignore them. Let me bring a voice of reason and authenticity to the question.

    Let's start with the example of Barbra Streisand. Or at least a younger Streisand. An attractive woman? Sure, I guess. Unique and interesting looking? Absolutely. Better-looking with a better nose? Of course. (I mean, duh.)

    Basically, just substitute your name for Streisand's, and you've got your answer.

    Here are two additional thoughts: (1) There have been men over your life who decided not to date you because of your nose. Some of them were probably perfectly normal, nice guys, but the nose was just too much. (2) But I'll bet that once a man has fallen in love with you, he absolutely would not want you to do anything to your nose -- that nose will have become part of the landscape that he loves. In fact, he'd probably be angry with you if you did have a nose job. Would Ned have wanted you to change your nose?

    I'll give you an example. I went out on a date with an Italian woman years ago. She seemed to have and be everything I wanted, but the nose was...uhm, intense (yours is like a delicate button nose by comparison). Even after several dates, I found myself thinking: What am I doing here? I'll never get used to that nose. But once I became fond of her, I found myself becoming especially fond of her nose. If she had changed it, I would have been very disappointed. I would have begged her not to change it, had she asked.

    One more thing: Isn't this something you should have done -- if you were ever going to do it -- a long time ago, when you were young? I mean, you've only got thirty or so years left and you're not going to be attractive for many of them -- and I say this as a guy a few years older than you who realizes that any limited beauty I once had has now pretty much reached its expiration date -- so at this point is it really a wise investment of your savings?

  • muffin top - 4 months ago

    I'm surprised to see so many nose votes! (Maybe I shouldn't be) I love your nose just the way it is. I voted for floors, but dishwasher would be right behind (only because you CAN live without a dishwasher). I guess I'm not into plastic surgery unless someone has a health issue (including mastectomy, etc.), which just shows how behind the times I am. Good grief.

  • Mother - 4 months ago

    Perhaps you have enough for the floor and the dishwasher.

  • Cherolyn Bright - 4 months ago

    Don't hate us. We are perfectly fine with your nose. Just supporting you in getting a new one if that's what you want. You can live without a dishwasher, new floor, etc., but a new nose would change your whole self image. I had my eyes done years ago and my attitude and self confidence went through the roof. I can't image what I would look like lo these 30 years later if I hadn't had it done. I highly recommend "fixing" something that bothers you....but you are a lovely you either way to us.

  • Mrs. Petunia - 4 months ago

    A dishwasher is as essential as a fridge...

  • L.inCA - 4 months ago

    I voted for new linoleum because you got so excited about painting the door and walls.

    Cat paw print tiles, i double dog dare you!!

  • Jennifer Bettis - 4 months ago

    I think your nose is great, but I know how much you talk about changing it (on the not-blog at least...I don’t know about real life), so that’s why I voted “nose”. But really, I’d go for new floors to add value to your house.

  • Mrs Gumby - 4 months ago

    Go for the dishwasher, girlfriend! Life is too short to wash dishes.

  • Beverly - 4 months ago

    I voted dishwasher. I cannot imagine life without one.

  • BoomersMommasMomma - 4 months ago

    You eat out most of the time, so why bother with a dishwasher.
    You have pets, your floors will always be dirty. Mine are. Why hide new floors under pet prints.
    You've gotten your credit bills under control or paid off. So that's a no on the other.
    How many times have you said you want a new nose? Countless, get the nose. But I would definitely try to get your insurance to cover all or at least some.

  • MissPam - 4 months ago

    I hate hand washing dishes.

  • ClgInAZ - 4 months ago

    My “other” vote was for a Christmas party gigolo.

  • JOOOON - 4 months ago

    I HATE YOU "NEW NOSE" PEOPLE! But yeah. That nose.

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