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Pac-12 Hotline coverage: Your input needed

  • In winter and spring, I want equal amounts of football and basketball coverage

  • In winter and spring, I want mostly football coverage

  • In winter and spring, I want mostly basketball coverage

  • I prefer to receive the Hotline newsletter one or two days per week

  • I prefer to receive the Hotline newsletter three days per week (M/W/F)

  • I prefer to receive the Hotline newsletter five days per week

  • Please provide more coverage of Pac-12 off-the-field issues and affairs

  • Please provide less coverage of Pac-12 off-the-field issues and affairs

  • The amount of coverage of Pac-12 off-the-field issues is just right

Posted 6 days.


  • martin m. - 3 days ago

    Jon: Normally i would ignore this, but your outstanding newsletter richly deserves comment. As a former Duck long based on the east coast, I greatly enjoy and appreciate being able to receive Pac-12 news, which in my experience is virtually nonexistent in the east. And as a former sports columnist (and weekly 50-basketball-teams ranker) for the UO Daily Emerald (nearly 70 years ago), I have at least a vague idea of the amount of work required for the Hotline. IMHO, you do a great job and provide an invaluable service, and I strongly hope you can continue doing so. -- MM

  • Tim - 3 days ago

    I signed up twice for the newsletter but I don’t receive it !

  • Richard Gawlowski - 3 days ago

    To paraphrase a quote often misattributed to Voltaire, "I disapprove of what you say but I'll defend to the death your right to say it." This is where you say (1) you call 'em like you see 'em and (2) you can't please everybody. I enjoy disagreeing with you but more than that, I truly appreciate the effort that goes into the Hotline and I look forward to it every week. For the most part, the Hotline and referenced articles reflect research, thought, and proper syntax and grammar, commodities found lacking more and more. Thanks for the good work. I look forward to your detailed appreciation of the Sun Devils basketball team this year. :-)

  • John Bejovich - 4 days ago

    Jon keep up the good work. Really enjoy the podcasts.

  • Leon Campbell - 4 days ago


    I like the Hotline just as it is. Clear and well-organized. Maybe ask your subscribers to comment after you have completed say one year of the Hotline. Maybe better perspective then.

    It is a great service. I read it on my iPad or desktop. Much easier than using iPhone.


  • Bruce Pedersen - 5 days ago

    Suggest you go back to your prior form of podcast. Although I enjoy them, the new VSporto group is difficult to navigate and listen to on Iphones. Before, I could just subscribe to the Podcast on my Apple App and new ones would download. Now I see them chopped and clipped in multiple ways which are hard to follow.

    Anyway, IMHO your great interviews are not being served well and are not regular like a weekly show.

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