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POLL: Do you think Bredesen can win the Tenn. Senate seat?

Posted 5 months.


  • Don - 4 months ago

    Marsha Blackburn supports Trump and the corrupt GOP who are currently practicing robbing from the poor and giving to the rich. She is out of touch with politics and has made major mistakes in the past. Bredesen would bring of wealth of experience to the office. He is the perfect choice for us.

  • Joann - 4 months ago

    I will vote for him

  • kathryn jeter - 4 months ago

    Marcia Blackburn said Bredesen was 74. She looks 75. She is a Trump supporter. I pray she never gets the seat.

  • Pam Phillipsq - 4 months ago

    Mr. Bredesen has served Tennessee for years from being an astute businessman, a mayor and then a governor. We need his expertise to help turn things around. Thanks for running for the Senate - you definitely have our support and our vote.

  • Carolyn Collins - 4 months ago

    This man has done so much for this state the citizens of Tennessee should be lucky to have him. He was instrumental in bringing the Titans and also building our successful hockey team. Go Preds!

  • bennie hixas - 4 months ago

    trump and this woman running this country god help bredson bya mile

  • Haywood - 4 months ago

    No. He’s like 100 years old. Drain the swamp! Time for some new life in that seat

  • Dee Ford - 4 months ago

    He was a great governor for the state of Tennessee. We would be lucky to have someone like him representing us. So many current politicians in Washington right now don't seem to care what we think or have our best interests in mind. Mr. Bredesen was elected to two terms as governor so I would think he could easily win the senate seat.

  • Steve Morris - 4 months ago

    He will bring common sense to Washington and represent the people of Tennessee. Blackburn Represents herself.

  • Christie Winston - 4 months ago

    Continue Draining the swamp

  • Christie Winston - 4 months ago

    Lord I pray not

  • benjamin howard - 4 months ago

    h yes but h yes. he can win with flying colors.

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