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What's your e-log implementation status?

Posted 5 months.


  • Kenneth Williams - 5 months ago

    Let's all stop driving for a month and let this government see how important truck drivers are, then drive to Washington and make our own demands. Screw all the major carriers.

  • Arleen Wells - 5 months ago

    We ordered from Rand McNally and was promised 2 day shipment. That was more than a month ago and we are still waiting due to back orders. Not sure what that penalty will be but its not fair! We still need training on the devices and not sure if the Plug and Play is going to be that simple.

  • Tim - 5 months ago

    We have had Fleetmatics in our truck for 2 months and still have units that will not hook up to a tablet. Fleetmatics is slow to answer emails and will not answer the phone. We will run with paper and non-usable tablets and let enforcement do what they have to.

  • M Owen - 5 months ago

    Ordered and paid for Fleetmatics in October. Equipment on backorder. Guess wie will take our 8 days then shut down. They gave us an install date of 12/30/17

  • Larry Lass - 5 months ago

    If drivers had the balls to shut down where ever their clock stops, middle of the interstate, on the side of the road, tell dispatch, broker I can't make your appointment, ect... When freight is late a hundred times a day, the big stores will be put in their place! If you can't make enough money in 14 hrs, then your company is not paying you enough. I'm an independent myself and do just fine with my paper log. I work 10 to 12 hrs a day, and still can make up to an average of $850 a day. Big companies with your slow ass trucks are the ones that's going to be hurt the most by this..
    Be safe out there.

  • Dale Rogers - 5 months ago

    Had planned to keep driving until 65 but with this ridiculous mandate I'll try and make it to 62 which is 6 months away. Instead of paying in for 3 more years I'll let government start paying me. I'm regretting my vote for trump turns out he's a liar in bed with the mega carriers and there huge donations. Driver for 40 years perfect safety record.didn't see it ending this way. Good luck out there guys. Over and out!

  • Andy - 5 months ago

    No ELD for me. This was the breaking point for me to just walk away. Been an o/o for 11 years and my last day on the road is my normal load near home on the 17th. Trailer has already been bought by a friend and have a tentative deal for the rig January 2nd. Goodby friends, I enjoyed the ride.

  • Kristal - 5 months ago

    Read for them but employer is not. Has not installed them and is not sure when they will. Curious if the ticket is to the company or driver for the violation

  • Cedar Hodge - 5 months ago

    This is the biggest bunch of bull shut in the trucking industry. This is exactly how the government takes more rights from the American people. If it's about safety they would reconsider the training programs for CDL schools and definitely not put a trainee with another trainee or even someone who hasn't been through their first year.

  • Hunter - 5 months ago

    Fuck this fmcsa and this country

  • anissa Washington - 5 months ago

    Verizon has several solutions available for the eld mandate. If you are interested feel free to send a message to

  • Leiontine myers - 5 months ago

    We have been on line for 2 weeks and rand mcnally cannot handle the flow of info...we are off line every single day...1k per truck and none of these systems are staying on line!

  • LINDA GUIETTE - 5 months ago

    We are a medium duty truck. We will not get an ELD at this time because we use a 16 pin OBD 2 port. Hard to find, and the one I ordered months ago is not shipping yet. They are still in development. Called everyone I could and when I did find something that would work was told it was $40 or $50 a month, with a 3 year and 4 year subscription contract! Otherwise they are not available. Go figure. We are required to use the device, but have difficulty finding and purchasing one. So I guess we will shut down right here at Christmas, and end of year. Happy Holidays to us.

  • Tim Davis - 5 months ago

    If there is a bad backup due to an unforeseen issue (like an accident), you can use the Adverse Driving Conditions exemption. Fleetmatics and several other ELD providers have the ADC Exemption but it will only legally extend your 11 hour clock and not your 14/70/etc. There are specific reasons you can use it so be sure to read the regulations on it (just like the Safe Haven exemption).

  • Jim Tropf - 5 months ago

    Wow, these comments are ridiculous. We are a small carrier, about 25 trucks and we have had ELDs implemented for over a year. Guess how many accidents our ELDs have caused... None! If you need to run cross country in 2 days then team drive. If there is a delay that holds you up, communicate it with your dispatcher and or customer. Believe me, they understand and if they don’t you probably shouldn’t be working with them. To all the divers that are upset about this and truly driving legally, you are being very short sighted. This will force everything that you love to complain about to get better! Short term pain for long term gain... stick it out guys!

  • Susan - 5 months ago

    Ordered from Fleetmatics weeks ago still waiting for them to Ship.
    Guess we will be local for a while..

  • Luther Cason - 5 months ago

    I have my Eldest, s But my Provider can, t get them installed until 1/11/18 because all the technicians are by logged

  • Charles Frear - 5 months ago

    I have the eld in and I'm testing it out. I'm still using my paper logs until Friday after that I'm shutting down taking early vacation. I really hope enough companies do the same. I strongly disagree that these elds are safer. These law makers wouldn't understand why we do what we do because they never drove a truck for a living. They just look at us as breaking the law. I get off the road when I am tired period. 10-11 hrs driving is enough for me. We all know these elds work for big companies because they have multiple trailers and multiple yards. Seems to me their just making it harder and harder to make ends meet. Punish these guys with multiple log violations . Why me I am a safe professional driver. Speed limiters would make more sense to me for safty that's probably next. Whatever I'll be changing back to my old profession. These bad regs are out of control.

  • Daniel Smith - 5 months ago

    More than the ELD is the HOS rules. This is truly what needs addressing. No exceptions for traffic, long load times, no where to park before and after loading/unloading, no weather exceptions, sleep time is set up stupid.... Realistically.... That's what needs fixing

  • Annette Mathenia - 5 months ago

    ELD's ordered month ago and still not in. Everyone is on back order and I dont think the big people realize the roll down effect this is going to cause. Everything down to a piece of gum is going up. The drivers that stay out on the road and away from their families every week, still have to earn a living and this is going to effect it all. I think when all drivers run out of hours in a dock should stay until they are able to drive again, when they can't make delivery appts because it took 4-6 hours to load and have to sit on the load for a whole day while they wait for new delivery appt, The price of freight has to increase in order for the drivers to continue to make a living, drivers will need more money per load or per mile. Dont ask the drivers to give up family and life to drive more and spend less time away from family for the same money per mile they are making now. THAT IS NOT GOING TO WORK. Shippers and receivers you are going to have to schedule better and receive less loads per day in order for the truckers to keep things going.
    I don't see how the small people should have to change things because the big people have more violations and accidents than the little companies

  • Eddie - 5 months ago

    Parking it December 16th,let’em have the BS! Let’s see how fast the economy,transportation systems,brokers,carriers and big name companies fall as a result! Myself and all my friends and family are staying off the big roads and away from trucks! I fear for my families,friends and my own life as I see a big truck coming! Elogs are proven to be unfit and unsafe for most companies that are pushing it! Elogs will be the death of American truck driving as we know it! God Bless anybody who travels the big roads and around any truck stop!

  • Jeff Brooks - 5 months ago

    Now it should be clear to everyone who your representatives work for. Our reps bury small business for their donors and corporate friends. The ATA has an office in Alexandia,Va to be in constant contact with law makers to get regs passed that kill the American trucker and boost their profits. They use Virginia Tech to get the results that benefit them from all of these studies at tax payers expense. American individualism, our freedom and way of life are under assault. Trump's friend in the trucking business he often speaks of is probably a member of the ATA. Congratulations Trump! You're now a swamp creature! I voted for you to stop this kind of thing and you could have by executive order. The only people who can run for office the way our system is set up are the rich and well connected. They use our system to make their fortunes on the backs of the common American. It's time to take our country back!

  • Slick - 5 months ago

    Can you just imagine, if hackers can take over the government computers, bank computers and credit institution computers, what will happen when they take over our trucks computer!!!! I just pray to god that a truck is not shut down while making a turn and run over a bunch of kids standing waiting for their school bus. I just wish these congressmen and women would jump in a truck for a week and eat, sleep and shower where we do. Want to bet that after three days, they would be calling their staff to bring the limo??!!! ELD’s are going to cost my two truck company $60.00 per month. Can’t cancel Electric, Gas or phone so, sorry Honey, there goes the life insurance!!!!

  • Paul Reynolds - 5 months ago

    We just don't need it this stupid BULLSHIT, sick and tired of big business getting what they want thru are government payoffs. Just quit delivering food, water and especially Toilet paer to are politicians in DC or any where close to there. Then let's see what they have to say then. Just quit bending over for these people. Remember America we voted them into office and we can definitely vote them out of office. Oh I know we don't have a back bone to do that.

  • Robert Hays - 5 months ago

    It's simple it's big business with political payoffs forcing small businesses out of business or you tow the line and are forced to lease your truck on to the bigger carriers

  • Bernard Burke - 5 months ago

    Have been using the KeepTruckin electronic logbook app on smartphone (not connected to ecm) for 2+ years and liked it so I opted for their full blown ELD. Haven't hooked it up yet since I am taking month of December off. We'll see how it works out in January. I run short haul/local so I don't expect too many problems.........hopefully.

  • Rob - 5 months ago

    This forced mandate is a joke the eld is going to fail but not till the driver has to absorbe the cost. This eld really pisses me off America is not for the small business man and totally go to ruin the industry. If this industry wants to get noticed we need not do a parade around the capital buildings but shut down then the government can explain to thier voting population why the have no gas and food but unfortunately the organization of this industry is sadly not there

  • Carl Stewart - 5 months ago

    Bought and paid for Transflo eld. Was told would revive by today. No show called and was told that they (5 trucks) haven't shipped yet however the money has been taken out of my bank. So now what.

  • SHaron Wilson - 5 months ago

    I just ordered one. Even tho I’m against. I’m a woman & a trucker. I feel like I’m being made to do something I feel very unsafe about doing. I do know the government does not own my truck nor my business. I do understand they do own the highways. This is only jeptodizing many many jobs & workers which is sad. I thought the government was going to improve jobs. Not get rid of them. I’ll hang in til I fall. Hope everyone is happy. You will never know just how unsafe HOS & ELD IS UNTIL YOU BECOME A TRUCKER & live it! Ain’t no man behind a desk knows what it takes. No man, no cop, no man except the one living it!

  • Jonathan Wahl - 5 months ago

    I've had mine for 3 months and haven't been able to get a full day of it working the right way it's a linxup system and support won't answer their phone

  • John Ridders - 5 months ago

    I will either retire altogether or I will run less than 8 days in 30, but I will not hook an ELD to my ECM and take a chance on screwing up a $3000 ECM with unproven technology

  • Jose zavala - 5 months ago

    There is a tree months extention and will be ticketTed before that date most don't know that.

  • Nathan Jones - 5 months ago

    On the 3rd purchased piece of equipment, finally thought I had found something to work with OBD2. Used it the 1st time today and drove 7.45 hrs and it shows I did 586 miles. According to odometer, I actually drove 422 miles. So back at square one. Would be SO nice if manufacturers could make something with with smaller trucks and not just the big truck. I'm going broke.

  • Richard LaSalle - 5 months ago

    It’s on the way, but won’t be here on time. I’ll use my 8 days up and then !!! Progressive was suppose to give my one, but at last moments of asking, they said not for my truck, because it is OB2. So I should have acted sooner. Have to pay the fine to pay the bills.

  • Charlie Speers - 5 months ago

    I have not nor will I ever purchase an eld, the government does not own my truck or my business. I will continue using paper logs due to unsafe and unconstitutional regulations.

  • Jeff Lisenbee - 5 months ago

    With the ELOG deadline coming up we have had 2 drivers retire early and 1 is quitting. So what is happening is everything the big carriers were looking for a total annihilation of small carriers. Way to go US Government and ATA your winning this one.

  • jim disher - 5 months ago

    i'm not logging more than 8 days in 30 days, so i will use paper to control that

  • Ella Townsend - 5 months ago

    Very dangerous with big trucks going to the side of road when there is a big backup on the freeway.

  • Ella Townsend - 5 months ago

    We have it and the times I have gone with my husband, I If there is a bad backup know this will cause more bad things to happen. Watch the big trucks going to the side of the road if there is a big backup toeither save their time or be out of time. Very dangerous

  • Bambi L Rutledge - 5 months ago

    The company my husband leases to has installed the DID. He only used it to come home, Los Angeles area to Stockton and made it in 3.5 hours because the machine malfunctioned. Not a good start.

  • Bambi L Rutledge - 5 months ago

    The company my husband leases to has installed the DID. He only used it to come home, Los Angeles area to Stockton and made it in 3.5 hours because the machine malfunctioned. Not a good start.

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