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Have you ever been to Scotland?

Posted 3 weeks.


  • Faith - 3 weeks ago

    Interestingly, my whole life has led me to have contact with Scots in the most unusual and random fashion - serendipity/kismet/bashert/coincidence/meant to be - call it what you will. Deep down I feel very much drawn to Scotland and the Highland way of life, so when I watch Outlander I feel a sense of atonement and an "at home" feeling. Maybe in a former life I lived there! Maybe I'm a Claire of sorts...When I have the $ I would love to visit Scotland to immerse myself in the culture and study the folklore. Who knows, I might uncover a past which resonates so strongly with me today ; )

  • Vickie Cook - 3 weeks ago

    My husband and went to Scotland this past summer. We traveled all across the country. We even drove a car in the Highlands. That was an experience! It is a beautiful country with really the most wonderful people. My love of Scotland ( I'm a McNab) led me to a love of Outlander! We did go on an Outlander Tour, which was also a wonderful experience.

  • Leslie G - 3 weeks ago

    I’ve been quite a few times, because my father’s family is Scottish.

  • Lisa Brown - 3 weeks ago

    We went last July with Best Scttish Tours of the U.K
    Wonderful completely unforgettable trip.We are both of Scots heritage and it was so special to see where our ancestors came from and also some not quite distant realatives too !

  • Anne McLean - 3 weeks ago

    So excited to be planning a late July trip to London for a few days and then 10 days in Scotland.

  • Mariflor - 3 weeks ago

    Went to Edinburgh for last wkend before deployment to AFG. Didn’t realize then that I/we were too stressed to destress before deployment ????. Would love to visit-to ????

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