Fireside Chat launched as a podcast in January 2013 as an independent, alternate source of news and analysis for Calgary Flames fans. Our mantra is “For the C of Red, by the C of Red”. We are a small group of passionate Flames fans who love to talk about our team, and we want to cover our team from a different perspective. We’re not a big media company that has to appeal to everyone, we can talk about the issues that concern the serious Calgary Flames fan.

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What do you think happens with Jaromir Jagr? (Poll Closed)

  • Stays as an active Flame through the remainder of the season
    0 votes

  • Gets traded to another NHL team for very little
    1 vote

  • Retires from North American hockey before the Olympics as a Flame
    3 votes

  • Flames place him on IR for the rest of the season
    3 votes

  • Traded back to the Penguins for nothing and retires there this season
    2 votes


Posted 5 months.