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Which new writer on season 7 was the best?

Posted 9 months.


  • Chopsticks - 8 months ago

    Wholeheartedly agree with the voting as is now. I had a hard time picking between Sammie Crowley/Whitney Wetta and Nicole Dubuc.

    Becky Wangberg needs to stay as FAR away from My Little Pony as possible and stick to Fairly Odd Parents. The way she handled the SugarMac episode was atrocious in so many ways.

  • Ann - 9 months ago

    Marks and Rec was a great episode also! Too bad Not Asking For Trouble is also in May Chan's 'toire, which imo was kinda empty.

  • Ann - 9 months ago

    Songco and Lewis arent listed because this is for writers that debuted in S7 only, and they have been around since S5 @Yotes

    anyway I liked Hamilton and Lappin. They have the snappier humor I appeciate from Confalone and S1 MLP.

  • Yotes - 9 months ago

    Are Lewis & Songco not listed because they're on a different level entirely? Cuz Perfect Pair is a LEGENDARY episode.

  • Strataya - 9 months ago

    I feel like i'm the only one who absolutely adored Marks and Rec, poor May Chan. I think her episodes were better than half the others! :c It's less of 'who was given the best idea to work with?' and more 'who handled the idea the best?' Marks and Rec was awesome, so was Once Upon a Zeppelin - Uncommon Bond and Parental Glideance however just weren't paced properly v.v sad times.

  • GJ301 - 9 months ago

    The next poll should be who the Best New Character of Season 7 was, like Feather Bangs, Grand Pear, Star Tracker, etc.

  • Ponk - 9 months ago

    @Scartlex Joanna Lewis & KristineSongco have written episode since season 5

  • Scartlex - 9 months ago

    Where are Joanna Lewis and Kristine Songco?

  • wow - 9 months ago

    Shadow play will win only because people are obsessed with Sonambula and Starlight Glimmer.

  • saturdaymorningproj - 9 months ago

    Hard choice I had great time watching episodes like Once Upon Zeppelin, Flurry of Emotions, Shadow Play, Uncommon bond, Parental Glideance. Some really entertaining episodes. I guess I will vote for Once Upon Zeppelin writer - Brittany Jo Flores, since I think I liked this one the most from the eps listed in poll.

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