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Who's driving worries you more in bad weather?

Posted 4 months.


  • Elizabeth Miller - 4 months ago

    You need to have an option for "Both"

    Having grown up in the south, I know my winter driving is not the best (I really became aware of this when I moved to Kansas) but I also know that my fellow drivers are not any better.

  • Buddy Freeland - 4 months ago

    the biggest factor of accidents is 1st speed. no one wants to slow down no matter what the weather is. 2nd breaking, 3rd changing lanes, & 4th phones people will not put those phones or other devices down. can't miss a call til tragedy happens. everyone has a rush schedule

  • Not from the south - 4 months ago

    Some of you voting “the other guy” NEED TO BE VOTING FOR YOURSELVES!! You STOP to MERGE onto highways you’re supposed to drive to the END of the broken line and MERGE. Don’t hold up traffic just because the lane you want to turn into is full. If other lanes are open turn into those lanes and work your way over you’re not the only person who has somewhere to be!! You think a blinker is an optional feature on your car. I can’t read your mind use your blinker! The sign says “DO NOT BLOCK THE INTERSECTION” that means don’t run the red light and block other traffic in the intersection!! The far left lane is for the FASTEST CARS. You want to go slow get over to the right that’s why the car behind you is flashing their headlights! Don’t speed up when someone tries to pass you when you’re in the fast lane going slow and won’t move over!! If you took drivers education you’d know you’re supposed to move over for faster traffic! Learn how to use a roundabout!! Do not slam on your brakes in inclement weather. Don’t change lanes unnecessarily. Get in the lane you need to be in and stay there. For the love of God Don’t tailgate! If you can’t drive in it STAY HOME!

  • Tim Bertoldi - 4 months ago

    After driving in all sorts of weather, A) Do not change lanes on bridges. B) Do not hit your brakes. C) Slow down. D) Kentucky is useless in the winter, they do not PLOW or SALT, as soon as you get to the state line its all you. E) No one, I repeat, No one can drive on ice! so from someone who grew up here and spent 17 years in Upstate New York you are not Supermen just stay home if you can it's Tennessee, give it 24hrs.

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