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ഹ്യൂമിന്റെ ഗോള്‍ നീതിക്ക് നിരക്കുന്നതോ?

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Posted 9 months.


  • Sameer koyma - 8 months ago

    la ligayil polum ethupolathe kickukal kandittunde . Rafary stop visil vilichittillenkil teaminu eppol venamenkilum kick edukkam . pinne kicke edutha place kurachu munnottu poyi athu venemenkil Rafarikku re kick vilikkam

  • sanoop - 8 months ago

    A quick free kick can be taken by the attacking side in any situation without notifying the referee either verbally or visually and after ensuring there is a distance of at least 10 yards from an opposition player so as not to block the movement of play. So pekuson did the right thing

  • GEORGE.K.M - 8 months ago


  • jayan - 8 months ago

    I watched the game , the goal should be disallowed, the Mumbai players were not ready, even the referee did not signal for the foul free kick, more the player who passed the ball Hume little yards away from the foul point, even the line umpires did not raise the flag. lost the beauty of the game.

  • unni - 8 months ago

    The speed of the free kick is not the issue, which opposite team has to take care. But kick which was taken far ahead of actual foul had happened

  • crp1981 - 8 months ago

    As per football rule it may be lawful. But when we consider ethics and sportsmanspirit, it was really unlawful and agains the beauty of the game.

  • Sreejith - 9 months ago

    That goal is correct one. that time mumbai players are not concentrating the game but Hume is concentrating only in the ball that s why that goal happened.

  • Unni - 9 months ago

    Bad refereeing. Lucky it was in favour of Blasters. Or else the poll results would have been opposite.

  • Jerry - 9 months ago

    Veruthe jayichu kerunadil kaaryamilla....kalichu jayikanam. Aa goal adichathu thettaya reethiyil aayirunnu...
    Angane thirichu kittum

  • PV Soman - 9 months ago

    Goal is a goal,. Win is a win. Have to respect the result by both the teams.

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