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Should point-to-point speed cameras be used for cars, as well as trucks? (Poll Closed)

  • Yes
    295 votes

  • No
    229 votes


Posted 1 month.

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  • Phil Jacobson - 6 weeks ago

    Speed cameras do not save lives. An infringement in the mail after the speeding has been recorded hasn't slowed the driver at all. The only real effective method is police presence. Highly visible patrol cars cruising black spots would be more effective. Increasing the speed limit on suitable roads to 120 - 130k and any driver caught doing more than this is fined $1000.00 and loss of half their points no questions asked. Second offence $2000.00 and loss of licence for 12 months. The only way to stop people speeding is to hit them in the pocket and take away their licences.

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