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What other electric car you think is the most attractive now that the Model 3 standard battery pack is delayed

Posted 1 week.


  • Cyril - 2 weeks ago

    I’m a big fan of Tesla tech. That is why as a non owner I slept overnight at the dealer to sign up first. Now the delivery date keeps being pushed back and owners step in front of me regardless of when they sign up. The promise of a 35K Tesla is not going to be possible. I bought into a promise, fooled me. I hope the other manufactures take advantage of Tesla’s void.

  • Tango - 2 weeks ago

    Range extender i3.

  • easygysi - 2 weeks ago

    I got a used Model S a few weeks ago.

  • Merv - 2 weeks ago

    Have cancelled my model 3 as it’s so delayed getting to the UK I will look at the ipace and other all EV that will arrive in next few years- my interim vehicle is gonna be a PHEV

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