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Posted 6 months.


  • Rebecca Marquardt - 5 months ago

    HA! Nice try!.

    I like number one better because seeing through it is appealing to me. Admittedly, I often struggle on 'do I generally prefer the first image naturally and seeing the second isn't ever seen as unbiased or uninfluenced by the fact that it is the second version of the scene?"

    I am amazed by your gift at both photography and writing, and look forward to your blog each and every time!!

  • Curt - 5 months ago

    # 1 looks and "feels" like it was taken in a lab, while the subtle softness of # 2 looks and feels like a sunny cold day in January.

  • Elizabeth Pilon - 5 months ago

    Number one. Isn't centered in the frame, has more texture interest, lighting is good. Doesn't need to be in sharpest focus, the romantic photographers preferred the blur, gives it atmosphere. Your blog makes Monday mornings bearable. :-)

  • Gisela R Fisher - 5 months ago

    I prefer phot # 2. The composition is more pleasing.

  • J keenan - 5 months ago

    Photo 2 is more interesting but with photo 1 it is easier to know what it is.

  • Anna van Raaphorst - 6 months ago

    Number two looks like it’s being blown softly in the wind, which is more attractive than the more static number one.

  • Sarah - 6 months ago

    I like #2 the best, it gives a sense of motion. Love your photographs!

  • Ellen Hogan - 6 months ago

    Both are good, but I chose #2 because I like the sense of motion.

  • Margy Stewart - 6 months ago

    I like #1 better...allows more entry into the photo on the lefthand side...more translucence more interaction of light & feather therefore more dynamism. The second one feels sosomehow blocked and stymied, especially on the left side.

  • Margy Stewart - 6 months ago

    I like #1 better...allows more entry into the photo on the lefthand side...more translucence more interaction of light & feather therefore more dynamism. The second one feels sosomehow blocked and stymied, especially on the left side.

  • Steve Diller - 6 months ago

    I do like the first one better because it’s sharper, seems better compositionalky and the contrast between hard and soft in the feather is more intriguing.

  • Danelle Haake - 6 months ago

    Not a difficult choice for me - 2
    Focus: Both have areas that are in and out of focus. In 2, the bottom portion is in better focus providing detail while the slight blur to the upper portion conveys both softness and a sense of motion.
    Color: The feather is whiter/brighter in 2, but not from overexposure. It looks 'cleaner'
    Light: The final straw was the little colorful play of light at the uppermost part of the feather (slightly left). A rainbow from a white feather!

  • Kristen Cart - 6 months ago

    Nice survey! It was a close call but I picked one because you could see the structure of the feather. Number two has the added appeal of motion and I almost picked that one, but after your comments I thought you would like the first better. Just goes to show.

    Great topic! But what species left the feather behind?

  • Andrea Matthies - 6 months ago

    Score 10 for your very witty survey. Scientific research is safe in your hands. I prefer the composition of One because the white provides a necessary frame for the black bits. Totally agree, though, that the texture of Two is irresistble.

  • Debra Ramai - 6 months ago

    My preference is for the first photo. The feather's disheveled appearance more appropriately, in my opinion, represents the essence of nature. Whereas, I do appreciate how the breeze softens the feather and bends the plant in photo #2, it doesn't have the same aesthetic appeal for me.
    And, yes, I do want to pet the feather.....

  • Evellyn - 6 months ago

    Ha...nice survey! I voted to pet the feather, but I really like 1 the best. I like the detail and texture of it.

  • James C. Trager - 6 months ago

    I like #1, for reasons already well-expressed by others with this preference.

  • Russ Benedict - 6 months ago

    I prefer photo # 2 because it captures the motion created by the wind. But as a scientist, I especially like the un-biased nature of the survey. I will have to have Chris help me design my next research project!

  • Paul - 6 months ago

    They are both good photos, but number Two gives you feeling for the weather conditions of the location -the windswept Prairie. In this context I feel it's the more appropriate photo.

  • Javier - 6 months ago

    I like number two the best.

  • Teresa Root - 6 months ago

    Sorry, but I prefer #1. I know my preference is usually for images that are more precise, more realistic. I like the crispness and location of the stem (or whatever the line is). But I do appreciate that when you post your wonderful prairie images, you always make us think about the image beyond just what it is. Thanks!

  • Deb Mowry - 6 months ago

    Like you survey but no. I is clearly the better photo. Shows a graceful feather at all edges and the object for the shadow is better defined and not lost

  • jim - 6 months ago

    When I take photos of something moving I prefer to have the shutter set so that there is some blur but still sharp where it counts. Frozen motion shots don't do it for me. A photo of a bird in frozen in flight may as well be a stuffed bird composited into another photo of a sky shot.

  • Dave - 6 months ago

    Both photos are nice but I vote for #1, It has "3 - dimensionality". Whereas #2 looks flatter.

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