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What services would you like to see if rest areas were commercialized?

Posted 6 months.


  • Karla - 5 months ago

    This doesn't mean a PAY TO PARK does it? As far as the food goes I drive nights out food choices are roller dogs. We need a restaurant and maybe 1 fast food open 24 hrs please. The extras would be trash cans all over in a bright color so the lazy drivers can't miss them. Cameras in the lot for security plus catching that driver dumping his trash that gives the rest of us a bad name. Thank you

  • Barbara Cooke - 5 months ago

    Permitted mobile vendors like taco trucks, chrome polishing, snow chain apply/removal, dog groomers, etc

  • Jerry - 5 months ago

    free parking would be nice. But I’d be willing to pay maybe $5 for a clean safe place to park with good fast secure WiFi. Real food would be a bonus and not one of the fast food crap at all the truck stops.

  • Bill - 5 months ago

    Good clean food trucks would be a welcome change from the common fast food found at todays truckstops. All above suggestions, ie security etc but mostly just more,more more parking.

  • Kurt - 5 months ago

    A lot of rest areas will need to be rebuilt before they can qualify themselves as being worthy of paid parking. Seems most southeastern states have closed them because they’re too worn down.

  • Ernest - 5 months ago

    All the above already exist. What’s really needed is better access to public transit—subway trains, light rail stations, bus stops, etc. Truckers deserve to become tourists during their 34 hour reset, not be caged by corporate junk food.

  • Kennon Johnston - 5 months ago

    Showers are ok, but some truck stops actually have bath tubs complete with jucuzzi jets. This would be super nice for those of us whose muscles tense up bad after 15 days out.

  • William mccauley - 5 months ago

    Actual parking instead of the standard 8 spaces that seem to be more frequent now and to get rid of the no overnight parking signs. It's the little things

  • Ricky Cripe - 5 months ago

    A full time cleaner to keep rest areas clean and help with machine maintenance

  • Roy - 5 months ago

    Signs showing how many spots available.
    Citations to people improperly parked.

  • Matthew - 5 months ago

    Free well lit truck parking with good security. They need to triple the truck parking at every rest areas for trucks only parking. No campers or cars in truck parking only area.they should heavy fine and tow the car or camper that do not belong there. Also would be nice if they have some food there. Or even a good certified licensed lunch truck that get inspected every month or so for food preparation to buy food or get coffee there. I also think that the police should drive in the rest area every time they are going past the rest area. No truck inspections in rest areas at all. They should need their own inspection stations along the road. Rest area is to get rest not for truck inspections from local Police or FMCSA guys knocking on doors waking drivers up for a truck inspection. That is wrong.

  • Kenn Anderson - 5 months ago

    Free parking, reasonable accommodations and prices, 4 wheelers excluded from parking in the areas designated for trucks, proper security, and enforcement of truck parking rules and regs.

  • Tony - 5 months ago

    Commercialized??? That means "not free"! That's not a rest area, that's a service plaza! Smells like a toll road to me... Count me out!

  • Mr. B - 5 months ago

    Tickets given to drivers who don't know how to properly park in the designated area

  • Randy - 5 months ago

    Real Security Not a 10.00 an hour fat guy

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