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Where do you stand on firearms purchasing restrictions?

Posted 6 months.

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  • BeenHereAWhile - 5 months ago

    Our biggest problem is not the guns, it's the mentally deranged people who are misusing them.
    I've never seen a gun harm anyone without human intervention - except in a vehicle or structure fire situation (ammo usually just 'pops' without any 'direction' since it's not contained within a chamber that directs it; when chambered in a gun, if it's heated to the point of exploding, it's just as if it is 'fired'). All other 'gun went off' situations had some human intervention. Sometimes the gun was dropped - though if properly 'safed' nothing happens; sometimes some fool was mishandling it and 'touched it off.'
    All MALICIOUS use has been by PEOPLE who were not in control.
    We don't need more 'gun control' regulations or restrictions. Adequate enforcement of the existing rules and regulations - including incarceration of the ne'er-do-wells who steal guns or use them for (currently) illegal activities - would reduce the tally by a lot. And the irrefutable connection between illegal activities like drug use, gang activities and such is going to take its toll; let the insane illegals perpetrating the problems take care of eliminating themselves. I'll volunteer to pick up their body parts; interment is cheaper than incarceration.

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