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Did you find Gary Owen's bit offensive?

Posted 5 months.


  • Mrs.CT - 5 months ago

    I saw Gary this past weekend live. I have heard of him, but I’m not familiar with any of his work. He was very funny live, and I was actually glad he didn’t make any jokes about the N word. Now that you covered this story, I think it’s just a lazy way for a white man fo get a few cheap jokes. I’m not really offended, I believe that he cares about black people and is not racist, but it’s just a tired joke that can be avoided with more skill and time. Hopefully he gets better at his craft. Thanks Rod and Karen!

  • Dre - 5 months ago

    The part where he said, "Oh I wish I could say it" kinda rubbed me the wrong way. Other than that, IDC

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