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Madness Consolation Match

Posted 2 weeks.


  • Some guy - 2 weeks ago


  • Joe Marshall - 2 weeks ago

    To pair these two films up is an insult to pair-ups. I’ve been amused at best to see Silence of the Lambs so beloved among the 90s, but to imagine someone could call it a better film than Goodfellas (nothing but love, Jonathan Demme) for me is incomprehensible.

  • Sam Vargen - Martinez, CA - 2 weeks ago

    If Goodfellas loses this I'm gonna stop watching movies.

  • Gary - 2 weeks ago

    To do march madness based on a decade of films seems like a step down in interest given we have already done the best film of all time. Whatever.

  • TheHighHat - 2 weeks ago

    Miller's Crossing > All of them.

  • Ben - 2 weeks ago


  • TheReal - 2 weeks ago

    Fargo is a worthy champion, but I wonder if many of the people who voted for it even understand the ending. That Grimsrud killed Marge and that was her death dream.

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